One of the greatest things about contemporary dance costumes is that they can be worn for nearly any occasion! Many people purchase a costume for their dance recital, and imagine that they can never wear it again. If that were the case, the recital costume would nearly be a complete waste of money!

However, those recital costumes can be worn for gala events, and can even be used as Halloween costumes! Wouldn’t you want to go trick or treating while being dressed up as a dancer?

I am not saying that these are the only 4 kinds of dance costumes that you can buy; however, I am saying that they are the 4 most popular and recognizable recital costumes that you can get your hands on!


A unitard has become a popular contemporary dance costume because it literally fits any situation. A unitard is basically a large piece of leotard that covers your entire body; from the tops of your shoulders to the bottoms of your ankles!

Ballet dancers seem to use unitards on a standalone basis; their complete costume is a single unitard. However, many other dancers seem to combine the unitard with a blouse over the top!

An amazing thing about a unitard is that it can be used for many other things too. Whether you are cleaning up around the house or going for a bikeride, you can always wear your unitard dance costume!


In regards to the contemporary dance costumes that you can wear more than once, a biketard is one of the best ones!

The essential difference between a biketard and a unitard is the fact that the lower half of a biketard cuts off in the middle of your thighs; whereas, a unitard’s lower half goes all the way to your ankles! In addition to biketards being used in your dance recital, you can always wear them while you are riding your bike and trying to stay fit!

To top it off, a biketard can be worn as a Halloween costume; you can dress up as a bikerider for nearly any Halloween party! A dance recital costume that can double up as a Halloween costume is absolutely amazing!

See Through Wear

Don’t get the wrong idea, dancers always wear clothes underneath their see through costumes!

The see through dance costumes are usually worn in contemporary dances that are accompanied by emotional songs! Dancers will usually wear these transparent outfits through the songs that make you feel like crying!

The see through dance costumes are always paired with another type of contemporary dance wear from this article. Basically, a dancer will always wear a leotard, biketard, or unitard underneath their see through costume! Not only does this add a layered effect, but the unitard/biketard/leotard absorbs the dancer’s sweat so that it doesn’t wet their see through costume! A dance costume that absorbs sweat and looks contemporary is a great choice that will simply leave your audience in awe!


I know that you may be thinking “oh no, not another type of tard clothing”! However, a leotard is one of the most popular contemporary dance costumes! A leotard is a skin tight piece of clothing that covers your legs; the material is super flexible so it is ideal for dancers!

Leotards by themselves do not form great dance costumes; however, they can be combined with see through wear or a variety of blouses to create a dance costume that the audience will love!

Dress Up In A Dance Costume For Halloween

Many people try to reuse the uniforms and costumes that they already have in their closets for Halloween. For instance, many people that play house league soccer will go trick or treating in their soccer jerseys! When it comes to dancers, their dance costumes are their uniforms.

With that being said, wearing a contemporary dance costume that you already have in your closet can save you a ton of money! Not only will you not have to spend the $80 that most Halloween costumes retail for, but you will also be able to avoid going shopping for days and trying a wide variety of costumes on!

If you are already a dancer that has performed in recitals, the chances are that you will have a few of the ballet and dance costumes in your wardrobe! The smartest thing to do would be to reuse them on Halloween, and dress up as a dancer! Pull out that pair of leotards, biketards, or unitard, and become your favourite dancer for the spookiest night of the year!

Dressing up in any of the contemporary dance costumes that are mentioned throughout this article can be beneficial in a multitude of ways!