Once you've reached the top of the search engine rankings, it's tempting to relax and get lazy. This only leads to problems. Top rankings take constant cultivation. You really don't have time to rest when it comes to staying at the top of the results. Your site needs constant tweaking and link building to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. These 4 ways to maintain SEO on your site are crucial to a competitive site.

  1. Check for Crawling Errors
    These can be the most problematic for well established sites. Glitches like server downtimes and sitemap publishing can cut off whole pages of your site from the search engines, especially new content that's just been published. This seems small, but it can be fatal, especially for news sites where time is a key issue. Keep your eye on this one by checking Google's Webmaster's tool, crawling frequency details.
  2. Check your Google Site Index Number Fluctuations
    Google glitches soon show up on the site index. Duplicate page issues and other penalties appear as a reduction in the number of pages shown indexed by Google. Watch this number regularly for a good idea of your site's health. If you see radical changes in the number of pages indexed, you've got a big problem.
  3. Check for Competition Changes on SERPs
    The major reason SEO housekeeping is so critical is your competition regularly does it. They'll do anything they can to rank higher than you, and that includes constantly experimenting with links and blogged content to stay on top of you. Watch your competition, especially those companies who use SEO regularly and are creative enough to try something new. If you need help, it might be worth checking out San Diego search engine marketing companies.
  4. Check for Broken Links
    There are countless links in a website. Every once in a while, one or 2 will break down. Like the plumbing in your walls, these links need consistent checkups to identify problems. The only way to make sure each is up and running is to check them at regular intervals. A broken link can cut off key pages of your site from the world, limiting your web potential. Like any other mechanism, your site needs consistent checkups to ensure it runs smoothly.