Tocabe's Bison Ribs

Bison Ribs

Looking for things to do or restaurants to try in Denver while visiting or even as a local?  Try checking out these 4 joints, all featured on Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri on the The Food Network.  Even though they were not all spotlighted on the same episodes they are all located close together, in the Highlands neighborhood just west of Downtown Denver.  They all happen to be in my ‘hood and I have had the pleasure to visit and enjoy all of them!


4 Restaurants in Denver Featured in Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives

1. Tocabe

OK, pop quiz:  How many American Indian restaurants have you ever been to?  In your life?  Ever?  I thought so.  When you’re looking for something different and to try something new, Tocabe is the way to go.  The Fry Bread is the signature, gotta try it.  The ground Bison Tacos are also out of this world.  The way you order is “Chipotle” style and you get to choose all of your ingredients.


What Guy Fieri tried:

  • Bison Ribs Glazed with Homemade Seasonal Berry Barbeque Sauce
  • Wojapi with Fry Bread
  • Bison Tacos

Tocabe's Fry Bread Taco

Fry Bread

Other fun facts

  • Tocabe is an old Osage translation long out of use which represents the color “blue”.  (the owner’s mom’s favorite color)
  • Wojapi is a thick berry dish with the consistency similar to pudding
  • Current Yelp rating:  4 stars
  • Website:

2. Bang!

A local favorite situated in Highlands Square, (with several other establishments nearby should you choose to roam around a bit) serves up comfort food like you read about.  Really, the meatloaf is something you have to put on the bucket list.  Bang! Is a great place for all occasions, but you will really impress if you take a date there.


What Guy Fieri tasted:

  • Signature meatloaf drizzled with spicy homemade ketchup
  • Gumbo with a slice of warm jalapeno cornbread
  • Homemade Gingerbread

Bang!'s Meatloaf


Bang!'s Gumbo


Bang!'s Gingerbread


Some fun facts:

  • Self-described cuisine as “New American, classics with our little twists”
  • Atmosphere listed as Off-street garden patio, cool, ever-changing artworks, rockin’ music. Definitely casual, bring your kids, your grandma, your appetite!
  • Current Yelp Ranking:  4 stars
  • Website:



3. Hops and Pie

Who doesn’t love Pizza and Beer?  Well, this isn’t your average Pizza joint.  I have always struggled to find good pizza in Denver, but this place is solid and unique.  Their beer selection includes all kinds of treats that are guaranteed to be new to you.  They claim that IPA and pepperoni pizza were made for each other.  Try the 2012 Angel's Share from The Lost Abbey.  The pizzas are unique to say the least.  Try their Artisan Pie of the Month.  This month:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Herbs, Organic Heirloom Tomatoes, Soppressata, Burrata, Roasted Garlic Cloves, Baby Arugula & Sherry Vinaigrette.  Yum!


Some fun facts:

  • Fun pizza ingredients:  Blackberry BBQ Sauce, Seitan Sicilian sausage, Beer Braised Brisket
  • Current Yelp Ranking:  4 stars
  • A couple of songs that play on their website:  “Beer” by Reel Big Fish and “Strange Brew” by Cream
  • For an annual 60 bucks, you get happy hour all the time
  • Website:

4. Highland Tavern

My friends and I simply refer to the Highland Tavern as “The Ping Pong Bar”, because 1.  It’s easier to remember and 2.  It has a ping pong table snugly placed between a wall, a pole (with convenient shelves built in to hold your beer if you’re not holding it while you’re playing), a foosball table and the front door.  It’s fun of course, and given the relatively tight setting, it’s bound to allow you to meet some interesting people.  The owners and staff are amazingly friendly and helpful.  Now onto the food:

What Guy Fieri showcased: 

  • Tavern Tots (seriously…you absolutely have to try these)
  • Bombshell Sammich…house pastrami, swiss, brown mustard, tavern slaw, fried egg, rye
  • Scratch made Pork Rinds…mmm…pork


Some fun facts:

  • Check out the PBR Wall Art
  • Current Yelp Ranking:  4 stars (that’s high!)
  • Other gaming options include Big Buck Hunter (our favorite), Golden Tee and a Pool Table
  • Try a Hamm’s or a Schlitz, bet you haven’t had one of those in a while?
  • Website:


I hope you enjoyed this quick trip around Denver.  Check out this article on Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives:  Road_Trip_with_Diners_Drive-Ins_and_Dives or to look up other Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives click here.