The 4 drawer file cabinet can be found in most office settings, especially in those settings where cubicles are used for mass amounts of employees. Just as dividers are used to separate employees the 4 drawer vertical filing system can be used in a similar manner. Because these pieces are tall and sometimes wide they can often double as a walled divider in addition to being used as a 4 drawer file.

Hon 4 Drawer Lateral File CabinetIn these types of setting the 4 drawer file cabinet is often made of standard metal contraction. Hon file cabinets are good illustrations as to what standard office filing furniture looks like. They are large metal boxes that are a shade of grey. They are made of steel and are very secure. Their locking mechanisms can require a locksmith to swap out and they have enough capacity to store large amounts of documents.

The four drawer lateral-tower is not however the end all of office furniture. It does not have to be the chosen cabinet for all offices and it most definitely doesn't have to be the file cabinet you bring into the home for home office use. There are countless other filing systems which are appropriate for home or office use which are just as secure and have just as much capacity but they look more stylish pleasant for your workspace. Buying a 4 drawer wood filing system  for your use accomplishes everything that a metal 4 drawer filing cabinet accomplishes but it just looks better.

Types of 4 Drawer Filing Systems

4 Drawer File Cabinet WoodHon lateral and vertical cabinets and all other types of related cabinetry have some of the highest quality of steel and file cabinet parts. They also offer some of the best steel cabinets on the market but they don't look as good as a similar quality wooden 4 drawer file.

If you go to any high end furniture store in your local neighborhood or online specialty store you can easily find many options for wooden filing cabinets. These pieces of furniture come in many standard options including 2 drawer vertical, 3 drawer lateral, and even 4 drawer lateral varieties.

4 Drawer Oak File CabinetYou can also look for stylized wood cabinetry coming in various colors and qualities of wood. White filing cabinets are popular for home offices and office settings where modernity is the basic and overwhelming design theme. The color white alludes to cleanliness and brightness and it implies that the design features of the cabinet are purposeful. Conversely most filing systems come in standard black or grey if made of metal or various shades of wood grain when made from wood.

Wooden cabinets of any shape or capacity are usually the type of file cabinet that are used in any setting where class or design are a part of the surroundings. Often management in cubicle-land gets upgraded furniture consisting of wooden filing cabinets that match their desks and chairs. At home wooden files are used because they blend into the environment as just another piece of furniture rather than an ugly metal file cabinet sticking out like a sore thumb. Wooden files are the obvious upgrade and doing so does not ever have to sacrifice quality for aesthetics.

Features of File Systems & Cabinetry

Four Drawer Cherry File CabinetYou wouldn't buy a 4 drawer filing system over a low profile piece simply because of a wood grain however. There are usually compensating factors and features that should sway your decision. Namely, you should buy your filing cabinet based first upon your storage capacity needs.

For instance if you have large quantities of legal sized documents that need to be stored securely then you will likely benefit from getting a 4 drawer lateral file cabinet because it will likely offer the most storage space and will let you store larger sized documents.

Look for the types of file cabinets that have adjustable file cabinet rails on the inside of the drawers that can be changed from letter sizes to legal sizes. Also look for the ability to adjust for storage items that are not hanging files at all. Often storage needs also include bulky items that do not fit in hanging files.

For these vertical options, that have pullout drawers designed for holding bulky boxes or other items, you will likely got more of your money's worth. They are not always made from the same material either. You can usually find what you are looking for in a wooden filing cabinet or metal. The option is yours based on your design tastes.

Solid Wood Filing Cabinets Versus Steel

Antique Wood File Cabinet - 4 DrawerFiling cabinet quality is basically your last major decision in selecting a file cabinet for your use in the home or workspace. After deciding whether to buy a 4 drawer lateral or a three drawer vertical piece and then choosing the color of your cabinetry and the optional features within the system you need to decide your level of security required. Are the documents being stored important enough that they need to be able to survive a fire or flood? If so make sure to put emphasis on thee features and consider buying fireproof or waterproof file cabinets.

If your stored items are sensitive enough that they must not fall into the wrong hands then buying a solid wood filing system over a particle board system should be higher on the priority list. Steel even might be your best bet as it is probably the most secure of them all. Obviously however you will need to make sure your file locks are in proper working order and that they are secure because the filing system is only as secure as it's weakest link.

Solid wood cabinets which have proper locking mechanisms are usually the best bet for an all around file cabinet that meets the needs of the average person. They look great in that they have that upgraded material feel to them. The hardwood they are made from makes them more secure and they come in all the different styles and types that are most often needed by the average person. You can find a 4 drawer lateral file cabinet just as easily as a three drawer vertical file cabinet and you don't even have to work to find the right piece. Just shop around for the right price and enjoy the look of the wooden office file furniture in your workspace or home.