Everyone like a delicious milkshake!


 Everyone enjoys to have something sweet once in a while, to treat and reward ourselves.  Maybe you'd just like to eat something simply because it taste good.  What better way to reward yourself than by taking a break to have a  satisfying refreshing and delicious vanilla milk shake.

I'm going to to walk you through the steps I take to make my own, and nothing is more rewarding than having a feeling of accomplishment because of something you made.



Preparation: Here's what you have to do before anything else.

Purchase the necessary ingredients: milk, ice cream, and toppings

The ice cream

This is probably going to be your most important ingredient towards making your milk shake.  I know there are a lot of ice cream brands out there but you don't have to go fancy here, no one is going to know what kind of brand your ice cream is if you don't tell them.  The most important factors in determining which ice cream to get are:


1. Does it taste good? 


2. Pick a vanilla flavor that you enjoy.

There are actually a lot of different vanilla flavors there, such as original vanilla, french vanilla, and vanilla bean.  I recommend getting vanilla bean ice cream.




You can't make your milkshake without any milk, and just like the ice cream, they come in different kids as well.  The percentages of milk can range from things such as 1%, 2% and whole milk.  If you want a thicker and richer feel to the shake I would recommend using whole milk, but I personally use 2% milk more.



This is what you will be using to add a little extra presentation to your milkshake.  Here is where you can buy all the sprinkles, cinnamon powder, and syrups that you like to add on top of your!



1.  Scoop the ice cream into your cup using an ice cream scooper or big spoon.  You want to be sure to not overfill the cup with ice cream because you'll need space for the milk.

2.  Pour the milk into the cup.  I recommend filling the cup a little more than half of the cup.

3.  Slowly begin to stir the scoops in the cup until it blends smoothly.  (I like to leave a few small chunks in the shake that I can eat with a spoon)

4.  Add your desired topping: sprinkles, syrup, or cinnamon





Thank you for reading this article, feel free to leave comments below!