Deciding to setup an inventory system using a barcode system is fairly easy if you know the basics about barcodes. But before starting it is a good idea to know what kind of system you are currently using so that when you move to barcode labels, the transition will be simple without time consuming interruptions. Whether using a complex or simple inventory system you will need to have part numbers or some kind of number that identifies your product, and you will need to have the equipment necessary to have the barcode system work for you.

Get To Know Your Inventory System

Inventory is really a count of what you have on hand at any given time. If you are setting up a new inventory system you will need to do a physical count of all your parts.  Also, if you do not have part numbers or product identification numbers you will need to create these as they are actually on the barcode labels. You will need to have all your part numbers and identifications in your inventory software before beginning the barcode system. 

Filing For A UPC# Code For Your Products

There are rules and regulations for barcode systems that the Uniform Code Council has set to protect the consumer as well as the supplier. You will need to find out what these rules are so that you understand how they may affect you.  Barcodes are a set of numbers that identify the product that you want to track. The set of numbers include a UPC# that identifies the company. You will need to file for to get your unique number, the product or part number, and an identifier if needed.  Once you have your UPC code you will be ready for the next step.

Finding A Qualified Barcode Supplier

It is extremely important that whoever prints your barcode labels know what they are doing. You will want custom label company who understands barcodes and understands what they do.  This is important because if there is not a clear barcode printed on the label you will not be able to identify what the product is in the software that tracks all your information It is also important to find someone who will guarantee their products, and will be able to continually supply the barcode labels as long as you need them in a timely manner. If you are thinking about printing your own labels, find someone that will supply you with the equipment and materials you will need. 

Getting Started With Your Barcode System

Doing a physical inventory when starting a barcode system is the most full proof way to make sure you have everything and the inventory is correct.  As you inventory, put the barcode labels on as you count, and be sure to scan them at the same time. Once everything is labeled you will be able to scan the product as it goes out the door for sales, and in the door for inventory. You will know what you have and where it is always.