There are a lot of tents available for families that like to go camping in their car. You can go extremely cheap or spend a lot of money. Here are some entry level tents designed for family camping that is both affordable and reliable for casual camping with your family throughout the summer months. These tents are designed for large families.

1. Eureka! Copper Canyon 12

Eureka! Copper Canyon 12

Many families choose to buy a large tent for the kids and then a smaller tent simply for the mom and dad to use so they can be at least somewhat separated from their children. If your family is the Brady Bunch then you need to take a look at the Eureka! Copper Canyon 12 family tent. This tent is designed to sleep up to 12 people. If your family wants to be in the same tent and you have a large family then you definitely need to take a serious look at the Eureka! Copper Canyon 12 tent.

The Copper Canyon 12 `is a family tent that can hold up to 12 people, but you may simply want to keep 8 or less people in there for maximum comfort an room. The tent is easy to set up with some extra hands once you learn how, but initially you may find it frustrating.

The tent and poles weigh over 40 pounds so you will obviously not want to use this tent unless you are car camping, which is what most families do. If you only have a couple of kids then Copper Canyon 12 tent may be overboard on your needs, but if you are planning for the future and also have friends of your kids go camping with you then the Copper Canyon 12 is definitely a great family tent that should be looked at when you are wanting to buy a new tent for your family camping summer activities. This tent is a great value for the money, but you still will not want your kids wrestling inside of the tent or it will get damaged.

2. Coleman Weathermaster 10

Coleman Weathermaster 10The Coleman Weathermaster 10 is a great tent that can be purchased for less than $300. It is not as durable as the Eureka! Copper Canyon 12 tent but will still last for multiple seasons of camping with your family. The Coleman Weathermaster 10 has 6 windows, 153 square feet of sleeping area, and will hold up to 10 people.

Coleman is the top name for many families who grew up with Coleman products and continue to use them. Coleman is affordable and very reliable for family camping and the Coleman Weathermaster 10 keeps this tradition alive with their family tent.

3. REI Kingdom 8 Tent

REI Kingdom 8 Tent

The REI Kingdom 8 Tent will cost you around $529.00. The REI Kingdom 8 Tent is much more expensive then the Coleman tent, but it is also a much better tent. If you want to be better than the “joneses” at the campground then the REI Kingdom 8 Tent is a great choice. As great a tent as the REI Kingdom 8 Tent is, I still prefer the Eureka! Copper Canyon 12 tent. The copper Canyon 12 is cheaper and will hole more people. With that being said, the Copper Canyon 12 is an awesome tent that is very well built and will definitely last for many seasons of spring and summer camping.

The REI Kingdom 8 Tent will hold up to 8 people, but it has a divider so you can keep the kids separate from the parents who may want to do a little kissy kissy. The REI Kingdom 8 Tent is a high end tent that has many more features than the previous 2 tents and it is built with a lot more care to details. The REI Kingdom 8 Tent may cost you upwards of $600 once you add in tax, but it is a great tent as long as you take care of it. More specifically, as long as your kids take care of the tent it will last.

4. Wenzel Big Bear 7 Person Tent

Wenzel Big Bear 7 Person Tent

The Wenzel Big Bear 7 Person Tent is a cheap tent that can usually be bought for less than $200. It is not as sturdy as the other tents on this list and will not hold as many people but it is a great value. If you take care of the Wenzel Big Bear 7 Person Tent you can expect it to last 2-4 years for summer camping. If your kids will be rough on the tent then you might as well go with the Wenzel Big Bear 7 Person Tent since it will get destroyed over a couple of years by your kids anyways.

The Wenzel Big Bear 7 Person Tent is definitely a cheap tent, but it will work great for smaller families that only do occasional camping throughout the warmer summer months. Who cares if this tent gets destroyed after a season or 2 because it is cheap and will do the job for casual campers?

Tent Care

As long as you take care of the tent any of these tents will last for multiple seasons. Make sure that if the tent is wet or damp you let it dry out when you get home before you put it away so it will keep mold and mildew from growing on and damaging the fabric on the tent.

A family tent such as these are designed for recreational use. You can get a lot of use out of these tents, but they are not designed to be set up out in the sun for all summer. If you need a tent for long term use where it will be set up and used for a month or more than you will need to spend extra money to get a tent designed for this. If you do use one of these tents for a long period of time the suns UV rays will damage and destroy the fabric used to make the tent.