Things like cars, heaters, and fans provide comfort to people, but can also cause injuries and wrongful death if they were defectively designed or manufactured. These products can suddenly malfunction while in use, thus causing an accident.

If you were injured due to a defective product, you can take legal action so that the party at fault will be required to compensate you for your losses. However, determining who may be liable in the accident may be difficult because designing, manufacturing, delivering, and selling a product involves different parties.

A product's defect may be caused by its poor design, the failure to provide adequate warnings and instruction to the users, and errors during the manufacturing process. Because it involves many people like the designer, manufacturer, retailer, and parts manufacturer, among others, it is hard to determine who among them should be sued.

In order for you to understand the different issues involved in a product liability case, it is advisable that you read these FAQs:

Q: What is the statute of limitations for defective product cases?

A: Each state has its own statute of limitations for personal injury cases, which include product liability charges. If you are living in California, you are allowed to file a case against the product designer or manufacturer within two years after the accident happened. This time limit may be extended if you discovered that you were injured later on, not immediately after the product malfunctioned.

Q: What should I do in order to win my case?

A: You will only be entitled to recover monetary damages if you were able to prove the following:

  1. You sustained injuries or you suffered from losses
  2. The product is defective or lacks proper instructions or warnings
  3. The defect is the reason why you were injured
  4. You were using the product properly when it malfunctioned

Q: What are the different kinds of monetary damages I may recover upon winning the case?

A: The types of monetary damages that may be given to you will likely fall under punitive and compensatory damages. Punitive damages are given in order to punish the defendant and prevent him from making the same mistake while compensatory damages are provided in order to compensate you for all the losses you suffered due to your injury.

Q: Do I need to acquire legal help if I am planning to sue the product designer or manufacturer?

A: You are not required to seek legal representation from a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, but doing so can significantly increase your chances of winning the case.