Wrongful termination violations are rampant in states such as California where most employees are employed at-will. An at-will employment means that either the employee or the employer has the right to end the employment even if it would not reach the agreed duration period. However, it seems that employers enjoy their privileges more often than workers.


Due to the provisions of an at-will employment, some company owners fire their employees because of harassment and discrimination, while others terminate their employees for no valid reason. If you are an at-will employee, here are some factors and situations that usually lead to wrongful termination:

  1. Discriminatory practices – These actions are usually taken against individuals whose characteristics are different from the majority of employees. Discriminated employees often receive unfavorable treatment from supervisors and other employees.
  2. Retaliatory actions – If an employee has reported to a labor agency because of an illegal activity at work, expect the company owner to perform retaliatory actions to punish him.
  3. Hostile work environment – If an employee experiences a hostile workplace setting, he might be forced to quit the job. That is exactly what the employer wanted him to do so he would not be charged with wrongful termination.
  4. False accusations or defamation of character – Sometimes, an employer may become too desperate to fire an employee that he makes up stories or falsely accuses him of a company violation.

If you experience any of these instances at work, never take any negative action against your boss or superiors so you remain a victim in the situation. In the process, you should seek the legal expertise of a Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer. He would give you instructions on how to react and deal with the situation before you are terminated.


Once you are fired by your boss, you can take legal action against him for wrongful termination. With the help of your attorney, you should prove that you were qualified for the job and that there is no reason for you to be terminated from work.

If you win the dispute, you may obtain the following benefits:

  • Back pay
  • Reinstatement to former job
  • Protection from retaliation
  • Compensation for suffering


If you want to fight for your employee rights, get a lawyer who has an impressive record in litigating such cases. The Los Angeles employment lawyers of Mesriani Law Group are composed of the finest employment lawyers in California.