Before getting tickets from online stores like MLB.Com or StubHub, you would be well served to understand some of the deepest rivalries in the league. These rivalries are important to understand for two basic reasons. The first is that if you want to attend a game with intense crowd participation and a feeling of vivacity in the crowd, the big rival game of the season simply cannot be beat. The second reason is for ticket purchasing reasons. The tickets to these games tend to sell out faster than other games of the seasons and can even carry a higher price point because of that fact. So, if you want to attend the action packed rival game of the season, you'll want to buy tickets early. Here's a look at a few of the bigger rivals in baseball.

1. New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox

Quite possibly the deepest and most well known of all baseball rivalries, the Sox vs. the Yanks is a deep running fued that dates back for more than 100 years. It is regarded as the oldest and most intense rivalry in baseball. In fact, some sports experts say it is the best American sports rivalry period. The rivalry began as a fued over the best city in the Northeast and eventually bled into sports. The sale of Babe Ruth made matters run even more deep as his arrival in New York launched the Yankee dynasty. The annual games between the Red Sox and Yankees are often nationally televised.

2. St. Louis Cardinals vs Three Teams

Quite possibly the most rivaled baseball team out there, the Saint Louis Cardinals have active rivalries with three other teams. These include the Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros.

3. San Fransisco Giants vs LA Dodgers

This fued dates back to the late 19th century when both of these current day west coast teams were based out of New York City. After the 1957 season, the Dodgers owner chose to move to California for a multitude of reasons including financial concerns. This fued was kept alive when Dodgers Owner Walter O'Malley convinced then Giants owner Horace Stoneham to move out west with him. Los Angeles and San Fransisco had been rivals on matters of education, commerce and economy long before the teams moved in, creating fertile grounds for this rivalry to continue growing.

4. Atlanta Braves vs New York Mets

A newer rivalry in the MLB, the first meeting of these two teams happened in 1969 for the National League Championship. The rivalry heated up, however, in the 1990s when a realignment put these two teams into the same division. The best known instance in the rivalry occurred when Atlanta pitcher John Rocker made negative comments about people living in New York. As a result, New Yorkers threw items at Rocker while on the field during the Mets-Braves game in New York in 1999. The rivalry has cooled since 2006.