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Social bookmarking can be a long and tedious process, but using automated social bookmark submitters will speed up the process significantly, with a lot less work for you. Think of all the hours you could save from having your social bookmarking automated. What could you do with all that extra time and energy?  With the endless work of Internet business time is literally the most valuable asset. That begin said, here is a list of four great automated social bookmarking submitters, with a full description of the submitter's features and the costs of each service:


  • Submissions – adds bookmarks to 15 different websites, maximum 10 daily bookmark submissions, and 150 maximum daily backlinks.
  • Requirements – the URL, the content title, a short description of the content, tags associated with the content, and the category (from a selectable list). 
  • Speed of Submission – allows bookmarking of sites with the ability to “drip” backlink submissions, meaning the site will automatically submit bookmarks over a period of 24 hours, 15 days, or 45 days. Speed of Submission
  • Affiliate Program – pays 50% commissions on any referrals but currently, the program is not accepting any new affiliates. However, you can add your email to be notified when the affilaite program becomes available. 

Cost: Free

Features:Google Gadget

  • Submissions – adds bookmarks to over 130 different social bookmarking websites.
  • Requirements – the URL and the content title.
  • Bookmarklet – allows you to put a bookmark button on your browser’s toolbar that you can click to from any webpage. This automatically bookmarks whatever content you are currently viewing to all social bookmarking services available through It may seem like a less significant feature, but it can save a lot of time when submitting content from many different sites.  
  • Google Gadget – can be coded into websites so that visitors can add pages to the 130+ supported social bookmarking sites.

Cost: Free


  • Submissions – adds bookmarks to 23 top social bookmarking sites in addition to microblogs such as Twitter.
  • Requirements the URL, the content title, a short description of the content, tags associated with the content, the category (from a selectable list), and a microblogging message (for social bookmarking your content through Twitter).
  • Community Outsourcing – the site is setup so users can earn credits for bookmarking other people’s content, and their content will be continuously submitted by other users in exchange for those credits. Each bookmark submission costs 1 credit and there is also a separate equation which calculates cost per tweet depending upon the number of followers that the tweeting account has.
  • SEO Benefits - SocialAdr allows for a much greater diversity of your backlinks because your content is being bookmarked by different social bookmarking accounts. So, instead of all the links coming from one user account, the backlinks are coming from many accounts and could even be from multiple accounts on the same social bookmarking site if multiple users bookmark the same content on the same sites.
  • Social Adr Wizard – this is the in-site platform that allows users to quickly submit other user’s bookmarks in exchange for credits. The Social Adr Wizard has the list of all 23 supported social bookmarking sites where users can simply input their information (username and password). This can be an excellent way to earn credits without breaking the bank because it doesn’t take much time and doing just a little bit each day will accumulate credits fast. According the site administrators, submitting only 25 bookmarks a day will generate 5 credits for your account. Social Adr Wizard
  • Bookmarklet - allows you to put a bookmark button on your browser’s toolbar that you can click to from any webpage. This takes you to a page where the bookmark information is partially completed (the URL and content title) by the bookmarklet button.
  • On-Site Stats - statistics with information on the number of active bookmarks, successful bookmark submissions, queued submission boosts, completed submission boosts, total number of submission boosts, number of times another user has tweeted your bookmarks, and the amount of credits deducted from tweets.
  • Submission Boost – for a price of 25 credits, users can submit their bookmarks to 25 additional social bookmarking sites that are not included in the default list of supported sites. This can be done directly when adding a bookmark to the site.  
  • Spin Button – allows you to spin (reword) the bookmark title and description, as well as the microblogging message so your content will be bookmarked as unique in case you are using multiple automated bookmarking submitters.
  • Microblogging – allows others to tweet links to your content with your own customized message.
  • Automatic Pinging - SocialAdr pings the page of any content you've submitted every time it is added to a social bookmarking site. Pinging helps get the website of your content indexed in search engines and contributes to the overall rankings of that site.
  • Affiliate Program – become an affiliate for and get paid monthly every time one of your referrals pays for the service. This money can be deposited into your Paypal account or you can use it towards your own membership fee.

Cost: There is an option for users to sign up for a free account in which they earn credits solely through bookmarking other's content. In addition, several are different plans available priced according the quantity of submissions a user can do per bookmark, the number of total active bookmarks (bookmarks that are “turned on” to be actively submitted by other users), and the amount of credits per month. The credits are distributed among each day of the month so that a user gets a little bit at a time (ex: with 420 credits the user gets 14 per day). Here are the available plans:

  • Lazy Free – max 200 submissions per bookmark, 10 total active bookmarks, 420 credits per month (14 per day), for $17 a month
  • Lazy Link Builder – max 740 submissions per bookmark, 20 total active bookmarks, 1680 credits per month (56 per day), for $47 a month
  • Lazy Link Addict – max 1,500 submissions per bookmark, 40 total active bookmarks, 2940 credits per month (98 per day), for $72 a month
  • Lazy Linkaholic – max 3,000 submissions per bookmark, 80 total active bookmarks, 6160 credits per month (205 per day), for $117 a month 

In addition to the payment plans there is also an option to buy instant credits in various quantities with a one-time payment:

  • 100 credits for $7
  • 400 credits for $17
  • 1,000 credits for $37
  • 5,000 credits for $107
  • 20,000 credits for $297

Note: As previously mentioned, each submission costs one credit and Tweets of bookmarks are priced based on the number of followers.


  • Submissions – adds bookmarks to 50 different social bookmarking sites including social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn along with pages or groups on those networks. Among other supported services are microblogs such as Twitter, and search engine accounts, such as Google Bookmarks and Yahoo Bookmarks.
  • Submission to Personalized Usernames – unlike other submitters, Only Wire lets users fill in their own information for the supported social bookmarking sites so that all submitted bookmarks are attached to people’s own usernames for those sites.
  • Requirements – the URL, the content title, a short description of the content, tags associated with the content; these can be picked from a list of previously used tags or made from scratch; a category (from a selectable list), a status (if submitting to a microblog or social network), and notes about the bookmark. Also, users can choose which of the supported social bookmarking sites to submit to and can choose to submit the bookmark now or later.
  • OnlyWireApplication – this is only site that actually lets users download a bookmark submission program that is supported on both PC and Mac computers. The downloaded program will submit all queued bookmarks when opened and has menu shortcuts to your account.
  • Bookmarklet – allows submission of bookmarks through the site’s “Bookmark Now” button which can be added to any Internet browser’s toolbar or bookmark bar. This “bookmark button” is much more efficient thanOnly Wire Bookmarklet that of other sites because instead of sending you to the social bookmark service’s website, it simply creates a dropdown menu with all of the possible social bookmarking services (so you can choose which to submit the content to) and pre-input information including the content’s title and URL (but you can change these if you want). Additionally, users can fill in any tags or notes they want to include with the submission, a category (from a selectable list), and the option to submit the content now or later.
  • Instant CAPTCHA Solver – Only Wire Pro; optional add-on feature that automatically fills in CAPTCHAs that often come up when submitting to social bookmarking sites.
  • History – Only Wire Pro; view the history of submissions including information on which submissions were successful and which were not; resubmission is optional from this page.
  • Analytics – Only Wire Pro; view statistics on the amount of traffic that your bookmarks have brought to your pages. The site allows users to link to their Google Analytics accounts and thus includes an in-site analysis of all submissions if they are part of the content that is tracked by Analytics.Only Wire Analytics
  • Tags – manage all the tags you’ve used in your posts in one space. Add new tags, delete old tags, or simply look here for ideas when tagging new submissions.
  • Feeds – allows you to create an RSS feed out of your bookmark submissions.

Cost: This site has a free plan for the “Social and Casual User” that has a max of 300 bookmark submissions, does not have the full features of the site (Analytics and Instant CAPTCHA Solver) and includes advertisements. The rest of the plans require payments of monthly fees that range in price depending upon the number of bookmark submissions and inclusion of the Instant CAPTCHA Solver feature. Here is a description of the other paid plans included in Only Wire Pro:

  • 1,000 submissions for $10 a month, optional $3 CAPTCHA Solver
  • 2,500 submissions for $20 a month, optional $10 CAPTCHA Solver
  • 5,000 submissions for $30 a month, optional $15 CAPTCHA Solver
  • 10,000 submissions for $40 a month, optional $30 CAPTCHA Solver
  • 25,000 submissions for $60 a month, optional $75 CAPTCHA Solver
  • 100,000 submissions for $130 a month, optional $300 CAPTCHA Solver

There is also an overage fee of $0.05 per submission, but you can turn on the option to disallow overage submissions to ensure you will not have to pay any extra fees.

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