Many people are looking for "marketing secrets" on the Internet because they have heard of webmasters that get hundreds of thousands of visits to their websites per month.

There are no secrets and no shortcuts, there is only hard work.You need to be focused and apply a few simple marketing strategies consistently and you can build targeted traffic to your website that will turn into sales over time.

Here is 4 free and simple marketing strategies that will increase your website traffic if you are willing to do the work.

1.Writing and submitting articles.
Article marketing is a cheap and very effective way of driving targeted traffic to your website.When you write an article that is related to your own website content and submit it to you will soon see your traffic increase because other webmasters come to this website to look for content to post on their sites.

People who visit article directories must include your resource box if they want to publish your article on their site.This means your link can be on hundreds or even thousands of different websites over time.In order to get the most of this marketing strategy you must write a really high quality article that people find useful and want to publish on their websites.

2.Build a email list.
If you have a website or a blog you have only a few seconds to get a visitors attention or he/she will be gone forever.With a email list you can market to them over and over again.Of course, sending only sales pitches to your mailing list is not going to do any good because they will most likelyunsubscribe.Instead, send useful information that they originally signed up for to build trust and recommend great products as a solution to their problem.

Getting people to join your email list takes a lot more than just having an opt-in form on your site.They need a good reason to sign up, you must offer them something valuable like a free special report or an ebook in exchange for their email address. The Internet is full of free reports and ebooks, so you need to be creative and write it yourself or outsource the writing to someone because it has to be unique, something that cannot be found anywhere else.

3.Join forums.
There are many great forums available for Internet marketers, like for instance. When you post a message on the forum you will get a link back to your own website from the signature file you can add when you join.When people read your messages on the forum they will most likely click through to your website.Just be sure to post useful messages and help others as much as you can to find answers to their problems.

4.Blog commenting.
Blog commenting is also a very effective way of getting links back to your site that will help boost your ranking with the search engines.Getting your comment approved on blogs is not automatic, the blog owner needs to approve it first.Make sure you read the blog post before commenting so you can write an intelligent comment.Your comment will most likely be approved if you post a comment that is useful.

Do not post comments like "nice post" or similar because these will not be approved and you can be seen as a spammer who only want a link back.Finding good marketing blogs that you can comment on takes some research.A great place to start commenting is to visit the Top 370 Internet marketing blogs.You can find it at:

These were 4 simple and free marketing tips and strategies I personally use regularly to build traffic to my blog. It is not easy to earn an income on the Internet, it is often a lot harder than having a regular day job. Work everyday and you will soon see results.