Sometimes it can be tough to find a gift suitable for a child who is mature beyond his years. When you need a gift that challenges a child's mind and offers something more than mere entertainment, check out sites like Edmund Scientific and Jerry's Artarama. Below are a few great gift ideas for the precocious kid on your list.

1. Crystals, Rock and Minerals Kit

This crystal growing kit teaches the chemistry of the crystals as well as the geological science surrounding the rock formation. The kit allows you to grow three chemically different crystal types that each display different colors and shapes. This kit teaches how to test and identify the different minerals that are included in the kit. You learn how to conduct tests that show the minerals' chemical and physical properties. You can also investigate the geological rock cycle and learn how the three main categories of rock are formed: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. The kit comes complete with a manual and is recommended for kids over the age of 8 years old. This makes a great gift for kids who love to experiment with science.

2. Scientific Telescope

If you know a child that loves astrology, then a telescope makes a great gift. You can purchase a beginners telescope such as the 60mm that offers excellent quality that allows the child to capture great images of the moon and larger planets. If you want to purchase a higher quality telescope that has computerized hand controls and a database of all the objects in the sky, then you might consider the Celestron Nexstar SLT series 130. Make sure that the telescope comes complete with a tripod and star and planet locator.

3. Celestron Digital Microscope Kit

This is a great multipurpose microscope for beginners as well as the more advanced little scientist. You can view images through the microscope traditionally or attach the digital camera to view them on your computer screen. You can save images to view for later use and store them on your computer's hard drive. The kit includes software as well as three prepared slides. Your child will get hours of enjoyment as he can prepare slides from everyday items, as well as some more unique ones he'll find while exploring. The microscope offers top and bottom illumination, objective lenses up to 30X and a zoom eyepiece up to 20X.

4. Art Supplies

If you know a child that has an artistic side, think about some art supplies for a great gift idea. You can purchase paints, brushes, canvas and even professional easels to make him feel like a modern day Picasso. You can find a variety of different paints such as watercolors, oils and acrylics and special brushes that are designed for each type of paint. There is a variety of software and books that can teach the young artist to develop his skills and find his niche. Try a variety gift box that includes a few samples of everything he needs to begin.