After school activities can help kids tremendously in their social, psychological and physical development. If you're looking for good after school activity ideas, here are just four unique ones that will be sure to keep children entertained and always learning.

After school photography can be a great way to teach kids about being attentive and learning to see the world more closely. It's also a lot of fun, and it doesn't have to be expensive at all. Purchase some cheap disposable cameras and let each kid have his or her own. They'll have a great time taking pictures and waiting to see the developed photos. When you do get the photos back, have the kids lay them on the floor and arrange them in different ways to see what story they can draw out of them.

Setting up a garden as an afterschool activity is a great way to teach kids about healthy eating and healthy living in a way that is interactive, fun and that lets them get their hand dirty. Remember that kids are attracted to big, colorful plants. Sunflowers, tomatoes, cherries and lavender flowers are all great examples of plants to have in your garden. Gardening also gives kids a long-term project to work on and teaches them to care a living organism.

Puppet Theatre
It can be a bit difficult to get kids in grades K-12 to organize something as complex as a play. By using puppets, though, you make the project more fun and engaging for them. It can be an ongoing project that they work on every other day. Let them come up with their own stories, puppet costumes and sets. When they are done with the project, invite their parents and friends and set up a show.

Fitness Club
Setting up an after school activity like a fitness club for kids lets them dispense of all that built up energy they've been keeping throughout the school day. Try to set up fitness activities that emphasize group dynamics and team work. Relay races with kid-friendly obstacle courses are a great example of a good fitness club activity. Remember to do some good stretching before each activity.