It’s the little things that make or break a good day. Like a refrigerator door that shuts every time so food won’t spoil. Preventing your car door from getting dinged against the garage wall. Removing every last trace of those ugly bathtub decals or making the house smell great in minutes. The right household tip at the right moment makes life easier and puts a smile on our face.

Make Sure the Fridge Shuts Every Time

If your refrigerator gets opened and closed so much you’ve conserved putting a revolving door on it, odds are the door gets left ajar sometimes. If the fridge door remains open for too long, the costly contents can be lost. Make sure the fridge door shuts every time with this tip - Get two small, square blocks of wood that are one-quarter inch thick. Raise up the front of the refrigerator and wedge the two blocks of wood under the front of the fridge (one on each corner). This will create a slight upward tilt of the front side of the fridge and when the door is left open, gravity will take over and pull the door shut.

Keep Car Doors Looking New

There’s never enough room in the garage to swing open the car doors willy-nilly, so despite our best efforts, we or some other family member, slams the doors into the garage wall leaving behind nicks and dings.

Stop the dings and keep the car doors looking new by attaching carpet to the garage door walls right where the doors open. Scrap pieces of carpets, carpet sample squares or inexpensive bath mats can be used to stop the dings.

Remove Bathtub Decals

When your kids were young, the yellow ducky tub decals were cute and provides a small degree of safety. Now the kids are teens and the decals are just ugly. Remove every last trace of bathtub decals easily with this tip - Grab your blow dryer and place it on the hottest setting. Aim it at a decal (work on one at time) for 90 seconds. The decal’s corners will turn up and it can be peeled right off. The heat from the blow dryer dissolves the adhesive.

Cheap Homemade Fabric Refresher Makes House Smell Good

Noticed the curtains aren’t smelling so fresh? How about your hubby’s favorite chair? Now there’s an odor you can’t identify. Freshen these household items and anything else that’s fabric with this easy and cheap tip - In a spray bottle, mix one tablespoon of liquid fabric softener, one-half cup of white vinegar and three cups of water. Shake bottle well and spritz where needed to remove odors. The acetic acid in the vinegar neutralizes odors while the fabric softener leaves behind a fresh scent.