Few homeowners have the funds available to invest in substantial home renovation projects such as insulation or new equipment. Small, simple changes are the best way to realize considerable savings on your fuel bill this winter. These four tips are simple and proven to work. 

Switch Your Furnace On Later In The Year
If you have centralized heating with ductwork in your home, the best way to save cash on your heating bills is simply to start wearing your Fall clothes as soon as the weather starts to change. Most homeowners try to distort reality by using their furnaces to extend the summer weather. By delaying the point at which you start to use your furnace more intensively, you stand to save a significant amount each week. 

Lower Your Thermostat By A Couple Of Degrees
Your body may not even notice if you set your thermostat a few degrees lower but you certainly will when you check your utility bills! Homeowners can enjoy up to 10 per cent lower fuel bills with this one simple trick and it's barely noticeable in a well-insulated home. 

Upgrade Your Furnace Burner
The most energy-efficient way of heating your home is to ensure that your furnace has a stage 3 burner that can modulate and control room temperature effectively. If your existing furnace only has a stage 1 burner which is either on or off, upgrading to a new efficient burner will help your furnace keep the desired temperature in each room more accurately. Minimizing fluctuations in room temperature not only saves you money, it's more comfortable for those in the room too.  

Have Your Duct Work Cleaned And Inspected
Centralized heating is tremendously wasteful as heated air is either cooled or lost in ductwork. Having your ductwork professionally cleaned every other year is the best way to keep your fuel bills down. A clean will also let trained technicians inspect your ductwork and tell you whether it's necessary to re-seal them. If your home is over 10 years old, your ductwork may have developed cracks or breaks in the seals that leak heated air. Re-sealing ductwork is a serious investment that may take you years to recoup through lower energy bills. Duct cleaning is far more reasonable and quickly pays for itself.