Road accidents involving sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are not uncommon in California these days. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2009, about 622 people were killed due to SUV accidents in the State.

There are numerous reasons why SUV accidents happen in California, and one of those reasons is drivers’ failure to obey traffic rules. Due to this, it is necessary for SUV drivers and owners to relearn the fundamentals of California traffic rules.

The following are the summary of selected California Vehicle Codes (CVCs) that SUV drivers must understand:

1. Mandatory Seat Belt Law (VC Section 27315)

Under this CVC, motorists are not allowed to operate their vehicles if they and their passengers are not wearing lap belts and shoulder harness that are in good working condition. Particularly, this traffic rule requires all vehicle occupants to use seat belt and shoulder harness while on public roads or private properties. Violators of the seat belt law may be fined or be given traffic ticket.

2. Used Air Bags Law (VC Section 27317)

In accordance with this California traffic law, vehicle owners are prohibited to install previously used or deployed airbags on their vehicles. This law also prohibits selling of used air bags. Violators of this California law may be fined with $5,000 and/or be jailed for one year.

3. Wireless Communications Device Law (VC Section 23123)

This traffic rule makes it an infraction for California drivers to use their electronic handheld devices while operating their vehicles. Drivers can only use their electronic devices as long as they are hands-free. Non-complying drivers may be fined with $20 for first offense and $50 for subsequent offenses.

4. Speeding Law (VC Section 22348)

Pursuant to California Speeding Law, drivers are not allowed to operate their vehicles faster than determined speed limits. Motorists driving on highways are not allowed to speed faster than 65 mph; on freeways, drivers are prohibited to speed faster than 70 mph.

SUV drivers in California should totally understand the basics of traffic rules promoting road safety to avoid getting injured or causing harm to other motorists.

Los Angeles citizens who get injured in an accident caused by a negligent SUV driver have the right to claim for personal injury compensations as the tort law states. In compliance with California personal injury law, drivers who cause harm to other individuals should provide compensatory damages to the victims. In relation to this, Los Angeles attorneys advise SUV accident victims to file a claim against the liable individual to receive rightful amount of compensations.