Cartier watches for men has long been one of the most luxurious, stylish brands of men’s watches.

Nothing beats the sleek look of the precious metals, or the elegance of the diamonds you’ll see in the Cartier watches for men.

There are four primary lines of Cartier watches and go from modern to classic in look. There is the Tank collection, with lines and geometric shapes that were popularized in the 1920s. You can find the bold yet classy Pasha. Everyone’s got to have his own Santos, one of the most famous lines in the luxury watches world. Finally, the Ligne 21 is the last one you have to see, in its world-renowned, sleek look with a variety of precious metals.

This little article is going to cover all four Cartier watch brands for you. Let's dig in, shall we?


Cartier Tank Americaine Cartier Watches for Men

Cartier Watches for Men: Tank Collection

The Tank collection truly reveals the antiquity and timelessness of the Cartier.

You will see that the Tank linegenerally has very bold, strong shapes – square faces, sharp hands, and classic straps. Cartier Tank was made for gentlemen – it’s not the kind of watch that demands to be seen as elegant; rather, it is seen as elegant because of its simplicity.

Tank Cartier are the kind that will never go out of style. Men have been coveting this line of watches since the 1920s, and that seems unlikely to change.

Louis Cartier himself set fashion on a new course forever in his Cartier watches by designing the Tank line watches after their namesake – European tank treads he observed during the war era.

(Nothing is much more manlier than that.)

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Cartier Watches for Men: Pasha de Cartier

The Cartier line known as Pasha de Cartier is known for making a bold yet elegant statement.

With their faces forming a nearly perfect circle and their simple straps in leather and metal, these timepieces give their wearer a look of power with wisdom. Their compelling face designs, with clean and simple numbering and elegant appearance are sure to catch the eye of observers seeking the perfect Cartier watches

Pasha de Cartier set the stage for water resistant watches, proving it to be a true innovator. These seductive watches will catch attention.

Cartier Watches for Men: Santos de Cartier

The Santos de Cartier line of Cartier watches is truly proof that Cartier was always ahead of his time.

They are the original modern watch – they were modern when they were created in 1906, and they continue to keep that modern appearance today. Wearers of the Santos de Cartier watches know true style and take good care of their look.

Santos de Cartier watches for men take the look of the Tank watches but form a rounded square, often with the face bordered with diamonds or other precious stones.

The first Santos de Cartier was made in both gold and steel. Santos de Cartier was made with sporty watches in mind – but you can never lose the classy look when you’re wearing one of the many Cartier watches for men. They are certainly one of the most distinctive and unique lines of Cartier watches for men.

Cartier Watches for Men: Ligne 21 de Cartier

Ligne 21 de Cartier is the one of the lines of Cartier watches for men that are full of surprises.

Its wearer is unpredictable, cool, and always thinking ten steps ahead. These watches are often a blend of gold with other precious metals, giving the watch a gorgeous blend many watch designers are too afraid to go for.

Naturally, Cartier watches for men does it in an elegant yet surprising fashion. Ligne 21 de Cartier watches also often incorporate gray into their faces and hands with black or metal straps, something that is incredibly fashionable.

You must act quickly for this line of Cartier watches, though.

Ligne de Cartier is as elusive  as it is unpredictable and is often notoriously off the market, making it one of the most coveted lines of luxury Cartier watches available. (Hurry and click here to see if the Ligne de Cartier watch is still on the market before they take it off again.)

Cartier watches are the kind of men’s watches that will always be desirable and able to make a statement without a word. From the straight look of the Tank, to the elegant Pasha, to the sporty Santos and the collaborative Ligne 21, Cartier watches for men are a brand of luxury watches with something in mind for everyone.

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