Everyone excels at different things, and we all have our own unique skillset. And while there are certain basic skills which everyone should learn, a lot of skills are pretty much useless in today's modern world. However, there are still some skills that, while being pretty much useless on their own, will benefit you in a lot of awesome ways.

For instance, these three little skills are well worth learning, since they will teach you important things that will benefit you greatly in everyday life.


Are you convinced that juggling and similar "tricks" is just for street artists and people with too much free time? Think again.

In addition to simply being an impressive skill to possess, juggling serves as a great exercise for developing a wide array of abilities. For instance, the constant catching and throwing of the balls develop your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, flexibility and sense of timing, to name a few. But juggling isn't just good for developing physical skills - it has also been proven to have mental and educational benefits as well.

Juggling has been proven to stimulate the brain in such a way that it helps develop the mind of children as well as adults. It has long been known that stimulating tasks which challenge the brain (such as learning and improving in difficult juggling tricks) helps further develop almost all areas of the brain. For instance, a person's concentration and learning abilities will be challenged and developed through the process of learning to juggle.

So with the combined physical and mental benefits, juggling is definitely a skill worth learning. And if nothing else, it's a pretty cool skill to show off with as well.

Pen Spinning

An often overlook skill, Pen spinning remains unheard of for most people. So what is pen spinning, and why should anyone learn it?

Pen spinning is, simply put, the art of spinning a pen around your fingers. Sounds pretty boring, right? Well, if developed properly, it can become a pretty cool trick to show off with:

And all you require to do it is a pen. This is an art which you can easily practice almost anywhere, at any time. It's easy to simply pick up a pen and do some spinning during your usual procrastination period at work, or while you're reading the morning paper. It doesn't require a lot in order to become good at it, and it comes with some pretty amazing benefits.

Since our hands (and especially the fingers) are made up of an incredibly intricate network of muscles, the potential level of control of them is almost unlimited. However, this comes with a backside too; in order to have this control of our hands, we must first develop and maintain it. And since most people ignore training the muscles in their hands, they are only able to use a small part of their hands' potential.

But through the art of pen spinning, anyone can develop these muscles, and gain complete control of their hands and fingers. In addition to this, pen spinning also comes with a whole host of other useful benefits, such as improved coordination, reflexes, balance, and flexibility.

Card Tricks

Card tricks are another great way of training both your mind and your hand-eye coordination skills, as well as give you a set of cool party tricks to show off with. Since most card tricks require either a really quick hand or a great memory and understanding of the deck, it shouldn't come as a surprise that practicing card tricks is a great way to train both mind and body.

As you learn new card tricks, you condition your mind to think in new ways, forcing it to remember the necessary details of card placement in the deck and various other factors. In order to actually master the tricks, your mind will have no other choice but to improve in several areas, such as memory, problem solving abilities and quick thinking.

You will also develop your hand speed, flow of motion, control of your hands and your reflexes. And let's not forget that you'll be able to blow your friends' minds with the awesome new tricks you'll be able to perform.