Getting an MBA means going deeper into the fascinating world of jobs and careers. There are many reasons why you could opt for an MBA, and the significant increase in your shots of being more successful and the superior degree of admiration your resume is going to be seen with in the eyes of your future employers are just some of these reasons.

Some studies claim that MBA programs should be rated according to the amount of happiness of their graduates, and not the actual base salaries or bonuses they are likely to come across once they finish school. It would seem only reasonable to be able to follow your passions, just like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. Taking the courses and getting the degrees you are not entirely drawn by means preparing for a life of disappointments, hardships and tons of stress. On the other hand, opting for the perfect MBA program that also enables you to work in parallel, for instance, and which displays an entire new universe in front of you means something way better.

Nonetheless, you still need to base your decision on some financial criteria, and the percentage of students with job offers at graduation, the average starting base salary or the key recruiters that will be interested in your newly consolidated skills are definitely factors worth mentioning.

According to these particular ranking criteria, the best MBA programs that are currently prone to help you land the job of your dreams seem to be located in Illinois, Massachusetts and California or Pennsylvania.

  1. Stanford MBA Program (Stanford University). Adobe and Amazon are just some of the top recruiters that are going to be fighting over who gets who, soon after they graduate. Featuring average starting base salaries of up to $119,000 and a 79 percentage of students with job offers at graduation, the MBA programs you can find at Stanford are definitely worth your full attention.
  2. Harvard Business School (Massachusetts). The diversity of experiences and the respect people have for those experiences seem to be the key elements that ensure this University’s success. 8.7 out of 10 graduates is very likely to get great job offers upon graduation, with high average starting salaries that can go up to almost $115,000 per year. Some of the top recruiters will be literally struggling to lay their hands of these MBA graduates.
  3. University of Chicago – full time/part time MBA program. This University seems to rank really high in terms of the most successful graduates; they will very likely be recruited by Barclays PLC, The Boston Consulting Group or McKinsey and Company. These are some top recruiters in the U.S. and can bring these graduates average starting checks for over $108,000/year.  
  4. Wharton MBA Program, University of Pennsylvania. 7.9 out of 10 graduates will be immediately offered some great job offers from top recruiters such as Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group or McKinsey and Company. With an average starting base salary of over $113,000, these graduates can already consider them successful businessmen once they graduate.

If you can not afford one of these schools, there are many options out there. Almost every major university offers a business department and MBA program, so there are a lot of both local and online options to choose from. In the end, you may not need to attend the best program when a less expensive option will do just as well. Know all the reasons for choosing grad school, and why the choice is best for you and you will not go wrong.