Male hair loss treatments have become increasingly more effective of late. If you are suffering from either rapid thinning of the hair or male pattern baldness there are newer treatments available to you. In fact, some are relatively inexpensive and may be purchased over the counter. Over the counter hair loss remedies used to have a bad rap, although most have now been proven effective in either preventing hair loss or regrowing hair in areas which are thinning.

Male Hair Loss Treatments

Most hair loss treatments for men are available in your local drug store and do not require a prescription. You may be surprised to know that in some cases, male hair loss products are all you need to either slow or prevent the loss of hair or emergence of pattern baldness.

1. Propecia is a hair loss treatment which is classed as a DHT blocker. High levels of DHT have been found to contribute to hair loss in men. While only mild reports of hair growth have been reported over several years of use, Propecia is most effective as a preventative treatment for allowing hair loss to continue. If you are also in need of hair regrowth where signifigant thinning has already occurred, combination therapy with Rograine and Propecia is a good option.

2. Rogaine Foam or Minoxidil, is a medication applied directly to the thinning areas which is considered a hair growth stimulant. Rogaine has been reported to be 85% effective for the regrowth of hair in either thinned or bald areas when used for a solid year and is an excellent addition to Propecia in combination therapy.

3. Revivogen is a third hair loss treatment option and is safe for both men and women. Many feel that Revivogen is the most effective treatment available today. Revivogen is both an androgen blocker and DHT inhibitor, so you will get double coverage in the prevention of hair loss. Most users report that Revivogen yields either a minimal or moderate amount of hair regrowth when used alone, but is best when used in combination with topical Spironolactone. The methodology of the treatment is similar to the Rogaine and Propecia, although works the Revivogen / Spironolactone combination is far more effective for some. Revivogen and Sironolactone, when used in combination yields both hair maintenance and regrowth. For those who are sensitive to the Rogaine / Propecia combination therapy, Revivogen and Spironolactone is a viable option.

4. Nizoral Shampoo is still a fourth option for those with thinning in the early stages. Nizoral is a specially formulated shampoo designed to block the uptake of DHT in the follicle. High levels of DHT are considered to be one of the major factors in hair loss in men.

Male hair loss treatment options have improved to the point that over the counter therapies have become quite effective in the battle against baldness and thinning hair. Your answer to hair loss may be as near as the corner drug store.