A 4 man tent is a great size tent that is very versatile, and still light enough for you to carry around. You need to be aware though, that although it is marketed as a 4 man tent, you will find that you cannot really fit four people in there comfortably, plus your camping gear. It is probably a perfect size for two people plus a whole lot of gear. You can fit four in, but you need to know that it may be a bit of a tight squeeze.

There are many different types of 4 man tents that you can get, and there is sure to be the right one out there for you. Firstly you can get a 4 man dome tent. This is similar to a pop up tent, and it is very light and easy to set up. In this tent ou will definitely have trouble fitting 4 men in there, as they tend to be dome shaped, which does cut into the space a little. You may want to get a bigger 6 man tent. It is very easy to assemble, but also very light weight and mobile, hence making it a good choice for many people, if you are hiking with a couple of people this might be just the tent for you. You can also get a 4 man pop up tent. These are exactly as their name suggests, the pop up. You basically don't have to do anything to be able to set it up, it is so simple. They are very lightweight and very easy to carry around. They are pretty secure, although not as much as some other models; they are perfect for people that need to carry their camping gear with them. You can also get a family frame 4 man tent, which is not very easy to carry around and isn't really known for its mobile. These have a large and heavy frame, which makes it very secure, and great for different conditions. You won't have to worry if it is excessively windy or rainy. You should also know that you will probably be able to fit 4 people in here quite comfortably. They are a perfect option for a small family.

There are a few things you need to know when you are setting up your tent, and it is imperative that before you go camping you are able to set it up quickly and efficiently. You should know that when you go camping you can't reply on the conditions to be good, and you might end up with it raining and being windy. These can be difficult conditions to set your 4 man tent up in. If you know how to do it beforehand and you are efficient at it, then you will find that you can set it up with ease in any conditions and have shelter right away.