There are several looks available for women that work well for day or night. Stores like Spiegel and Chadwick's offer some good options for women with good taste. Good day to night looks allow you to look great in either an office or a more casual setting after hours. The best options are fun and stylish, while still having a mature look suitable for your day job. This way, you can easily get ready for a fun nighttime event by changing your accessories.

1. Formal Tops

A good top in your favorite color can be a versatile choice that works in almost any setting. You can easily choose a more formal-looking top, and wear it with a blazer or cardigan at work. This allows you to look stylish, while still conforming to more formal office dress codes. Solid black shoes and a simple necklace or earrings with neutral makeup work well.

At night, consider wearing the top on its own for a more sexy look. If the weather is somewhat cool, consider switching to a different cardigan or jacket at night. You can switch from a more conservative wool blazer to a jacket made of leather or in a brighter color. If your top uses a lot of embellishments, don't wear a lot of jewelry, as this might look needlessly flashy. Consider makeup shades that use a tiny hint of glitter.

2. Shell-Style Tops with Skirts

Shells are good options for daytime office settings when more formal attire is required. You can wear a shell-style top under a jacket for a more office-friendly look. Since shells are short-sleeved or sleeveless, they aren't usually too warm. Black, white or beige are good colors for shells in this situation, since these colors go with almost anything. A knee-length skirt is conservative enough for day wear, while still being practical at night. Before you go out, exchange your daytime jacket for a different one. Also, consider changing the earrings or necklace that you're wearing for a different look. A pair of medium-height pumps work well with this style.

3. Tank-Style Dress with Jacket

A tank-style dress is an often-overlooked type of apparel for both day and night wear. Tank dresses are versatile and are nearly always in style. Some tank dresses might be a bit short for office wear on their own, but this isn't a huge problem. Consider pairing it with a jacket and possibly a pair of leggings to work. This will allow you to look stylish without showing too much skin in an inappropriate setting. At night, remove the jacket and replace the leggings with hosiery. Dark-colored or patterned hosiery usually looks best with a tank dress. A pair of short boots with heels looks nice with this outfit.

4. Vest and Blouse

Vest and blouse combinations always look stylish at any time of day. Either a solid-colored or patterned vest looks good for daily work use. A white blouse should usually been worn with a vest, regardless of the color. However, you could also consider a blouse that complements the color of the vest. Either a skirt or pants in a darker color will work with this look. Try a cute pair of loafers with this style.