Natural Shampoo Products

Whether you're a hippie or just a huge fan of natural products, you're bound to be experimenting with a wide array of products for your health and beauty - like natural shampoo products and natural conditioners. For those of you just learning about it, you've come to a good place. A lot of natural shampoo products work well with certain types of hair, and a lot of them don't. Find out which natural shampoo products work, and which ones will work well with your hair.

Goats Milk Shampoo and Body Wash

GoatsGoats are super resourceful when it comes to dishing out the dairy products. Goats milk has been used for centuries to product a load of different things, including your basic milk, and also cheese. Did you know goats milk could be used in a shampoo as well? Naturally, a goats milk has been used in soaps for its moisturizing properties. If you, or your child are super sensitive to other non-natural formulas, this might be the perfect alternative to a shampoo and body wash. Made with essential oils, the goats milk shampoo gives of a "clean" fragrance, and ironically enough, is not tested on animals. Goats are quite fascinating creatures themselves, so if you're a user of goat milk products please leave a comment and give a small review!

Grapefruit and Sugarbeet Shampoo

Not only are grapefruits delicious and nutritious, but this large citrus fruit also works great in a natural shampoo. To add to the concoction, Burt's Bees has gone and added Surgarbeet ingredients to it as well. Forming gentle cleansers, this mix of fruit and oils can be worked up to a rich lather, and the soy protein helps to get a deep clean in. Future damage no longer applies, as your hair forms a shield to ward off grease and dirt. For the added extra shine, there is honey, and oils from oranges, lime, tangerine, and lemon. Your hair will probably smell like a bowl of fruit salad!


Natural Shampoo Bar

Baby ShampooA lot of people that choose natural shampoo products, choose them because non-natural oils and other ingredients irritate their scalp. Shampoo bars with natural oils are basically the only option to switch to after trying to find something that they can use on a day to day basis. This natural shampoo product is crafted with top notch ingredients like Distilled water, which has all impurities removed before added. Olive oil is full of moisturizing properties which locks in at the root of the hair. Kukui oil helps keep skin healthy, with the added benefit of anti-aging oil, and great skin conditioner. Jojoba oil helps to cleanse and moisturize the scalp and hair. Almond oil is vitamin rich, and also rich in minerals. Patchouli helps to regenerate skin cells. It is scented with Lavender, which is to help provide some anti-stress aroma. With no essential oils in the shampoo bar, you'll be getting the top quality ingredients, and no gimmicks.

Natural Mint Shampoo

Mmm, Mint! Peppermint has been a favorite across the globe to use in foods, candies, and even beauty products for that unbeatable scent. Mint naturally invigorrates the senses. A natural mint shampoo bar is perfect for short and medium-length hair. Stimulate your scalp with this awesome smelling shampoo bar. Simply massage the lather into your hair and scalp and then follow up with your favorite natural conditioner.

Mint leaves