Marketers are encouraged at an early stage to get website traffic from the search engines. However, it can take a while for a site with well-optimized pages and decent backlinks to rank highly on the search for a targeted keyword. The strength of the competition can affect how long it takes to rank.

In the meantime, there are 4 non-SEO ways to get website traffic that can help bring visitors quickly to your website.

1. Guest Blogging. One of the best ways to get website traffic is to guest post on a similar site that is already receiving the types of visitors you're aiming for. Many bloggers encourage guest authors submit a post to their sites because it allows them to take a break from writing. The blog owner gains fresh content for his site while the guest writer receives visitors to his website along with a backlink.

2. Paid Advertising. Pay per click advertising is popular, but it's not the only kind of paid advertising online. Much like guest blogging, you can pay for advertising space on a high-traffic blog for more exposure. You typically pay per month. Prices vary according to banner sizes and priority positioning. Some blog owners allow both guest posting and advertising.

3. Classified Ads. Classified ads can be a little dicey but still effective when used properly. Some niches will do better than others. Be sure to abide by their rules. Keep in mind the keywords your targeting. Some classidfied sites don't allow home business products. Be sure to read the terms of service. Ideally, classified ads tap visitors already with the mindset to buy.

4. Social Media. Social media marketing is a more delicate process. It involves writing compelling content that people want to share, and befriending individuals with similar interests. Spamming bodes well for no one and can get your account banned.

Social media is used primarily for social activities, but a marketer who is savvy enough to balance being social and marketing can profit well.

To get the best traffic to your website, use a combination of SEO and non-SEO techniques as appropriate.