It’s no secret that most of us have enemies.  Okay, maybe not enemies, but at least people we really don’t like.  Whether it be that they are mean to you, or just plain annoying, instead of doing something that you will regret later, try one or more of these ideas to help overcome your hatred of a particular person.  All of these ideas if done with common sense, will not get you in trouble, and will help you control you anger in an appropriate way.

1) The Silent Treatment - This one has been around for years, but still remains one of the best ways to stop annoying and mean people right in their tracks.  Most people who are mean or annoying (who are doing it on purpose) are doing it because they see it affects you.  If you show no emotion and pretend they don’t exist, they will have no fun doing it and will eventually stop.

2) Talk About It - There is no need to keep your troubles with this person a secret.  If you have a few good friends, tell them about it.  Don’t go spreading false rumors or making mean comments, because that could come back to hurt you.  Just tell them about what happened and how you don’t appreciate that the person is doing what they are doing to you.  Your friends will most likely agree with you, and might stop socializing with that person.  Things spread so quickly, more and more people will find out about that person who is harassing you and he or she will rank lower and lower in social status faster than you can imagine.  Please note, this is not supposed to be done in a mean-spirited sort of way.

3) Tell Someone In Charge About It - Whether this someone be your mutual boss, principal, or even their parents, this is a surefire way to get back at that person.  Make sure you only do this if this person is really annoying or bullying you, otherwise this may backfire and you will be viewed as a childish tattletale.

 4) Practice Up - Often, bullies make fun of others’ lack of talent in a specific area that they excel in.  If you are a competitive person, consider taking lessons in this area or reading books or online articles to learn more about it.  Then, using the information you’ve just learned, practice up!  Note that you shouldn’t do this just because you want to get back at someone, if you are going to be spending a great deal of time learning and practicing something, make sure it is something you enjoy.

  Use one or more of these ideas next time someone really gets on your nerves.  The most important thing to remember though is to stay calm and think about every action you take and how it will effect your future.  Also remember that you don’t want to end up taking one of these ideas to a mean-spirited level and turning into the bully yourself.  Sometimes, you need to put yourself in a bully’s shoes.  The reason most people bully is because of their lack of self-esteem.  Before using any of these ideas, it is highly recommended that you try to talk to the person who is giving you a hard time first.  See if you can work it out, because it may just be a complete misunderstanding.