Where to buy a new computerComputer

I am in the business of helping people. Not necessarily out of need or monetary reasons, but just because it makes me feel good to help people in areas where I have some knowledge. Recently I was asked for the 57,000 time about buying a new computer. Now I am no genius, I just like electronics. I try to help them by determining why they need it and tailoring my answers towards their needs. Sometimes even their need can be satisfied in a very affordable way.

Look for Big Sales

Black Friday, Christmas, Memorial Day, these are big times for the sales industry to make a killing. They keep their prices high all year round so that they can show a huge slashing of prices on these holidays. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good specials offered during these times. You just have to do you research before the event hits to know what your savings will be in the end. If your computer is on its way out, or you have some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, start watching trends in computers and do some online comparison shopping from places such as Fry’s, CompUSA, BestBuy, Target, Walmart and even Costco. Once you look around, you will see that they all pretty much have a similar stock and you can put one computer directly against another and search for the one with the best specs.



During these crazy holidays, many stores will try to bring in new merchandise and sell off last year’s models. This is a great time to get a very adequate computer with a lot less money. Once again the theme is that you don’t have to buy the most powerful computer to handle your daily tasks. Leave that to the programmers, video and audio editors and other computer experts.


This is another way to save yourself bundles on purchasing computers. If you already have a decent working monitor, keyboard and mouse, then there is no reason to avoid the refurbished CPU. Usually sites like Dell  and HP will throw in the mouse and keyboard anyway, so the bulk of the work is done for you. You can now get a higher quality computer for a lower price. It is very similar to buying a used car in that you get a warranty and all the options for a lower ticket price.


Online shopping is another way to get the most bang for your buck. The main drawbacks are that you can’t see what you are purchasing and you will still pay for and wait on shipping and handling. These days sites such as TigerDirect, NewEgg, and even CompUSA have created a huge following by providing top of the line computers at discounted prices. Lastly, you can’t count out places like ebay and Amazon, however the buyer must beware in dealing with consumers who are selling their own products.


All that being said, if you are a computer guru, these sites are not for you. You can go pick up your high-end gaming Alienware computer that has eight core processing 5 million tons of RAM, and a hard drive the size of a Mack Truck and pay top dollar. However most of you don’t need that and need to asses first what you will be doing with this computer. If you write a few recipes down in word, keep in touch with the grandkids on “The Facebook” (as my 93-year-old grandmother calls it, but that is ok because she liked a video I put up of her great-granddaughter), or check emails then even the cheapest computer will suit your needs. “If that’s the case then why spend the extra money?” I’m glad you asked.

Kids Today and their Video Games

This is what is driving the computer market. Gamers of today need the extra power to run bulky programs that need large video card capacity and fast processing. World of Warcraft, The Witcher, Mass Effect 2 and others need a lot out of a system. These gamers like to have the best and the fastest for their games, however most will still run on a simple computer such as a standard Acer, Dell, Compaq/HP, and not to discount Apple products like the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. So to sum up, if you are a general computer user to feel compelled to follow the market trends and just get a computer that you like that will handle all your day-to-day affairs. It will save you money and create less of a headache for the future.