Finding good rocking chairs for children is an important part of organizing a child's room.  Rocking chairs can coordinate with the look and style of the room as well as supplying a fun way for a young child to have a place to sit.  Kids will eventually outgrow their first few rocking chairs, but while they are toddlers and pre-k age, they will gets loads of enjoyment out of being able to watch their favorite movie or television show while rocking back and forth in their chair.  The chairs come in all different shapes and styles, and they are made by various manufacturers.  Here are 4 very good rocking chairs for children, brought to you by KidKraft, Gift Mark, and Stork Craft.

KidKraft Spindle Rocking Chair

KidKraft Spindle Rocking Chair for ChildrenCredit: amazon.comThe KidKraft spindle rocking chair comes in 4 colors: Cherry (shown), honey, natural, and white.  The seat is 12 inches off of the ground, and the entire chair is 29 inches high.  KidKraft mentions that this rocker was inspired by Norman Rockwell's paintings of American life.  This chair gets fabulous reviews on Amazon, with almost 3/4 of the reviews at 5 stars and not one review less than 3 stars.



KidKraft 2 Slat Rocking Chair

KidKraft 2 Slat Rocking Chair for ChildrenAnother rocker by KidKraft, this 2 slat model comes in many colors.  Aside from the Espresso finish shown here, you can get this chair in blue, blueberry, cherry, natural, pink, red, white, cranberry, and honey.  It is made of wood, medium density fiberboard, and rubberwood.  A classic design, it would look great with any style of decor.




Gift Mark Child's Colonial Rocking Chair

Gift Mark Colonial Rocking Chair for ChildrenCredit: amazon.comThe Gift Mark child's colonial rocking chair is available in finishes of cherry (shown), honey, natural, and white.  It is made of solid hardwood construction, and all of the tools needed to assemble the chair are included.  This chair's reviews are also loaded with 5 stars, with just a handful giving it less than 4 stars.




Stork Craft Child's Rocker

Stork Craft Rocking Chair for ChildrenCredit: amazon.comThe Stork Craft child's rocker comes in a natural finish (shown) as well as white and cherry.  The rounded back provides a different style from the other rocking chairs on this page.  Like the others, however, this chair has long runners to help keep the chair upright and not falling over.  A great thing about this rocker is that it is less expensive than the others, but you still get a wonderful chair.



Finding These And Other Rocking Chairs For Kids

When you are looking for a kids rocking chair, but want a chair that will fit the decor of your home and your child's bedroom as well as a safe and comfortable chair for your child to sit in.  A good rocking chair will be used quite often so you do not want anyone falling out of it.  You can find these and other rocking chairs at many different furniture stores along with places like Toys 'R Us and Pottery Barn.  If you want to easily comparison shop and not worry about carrying the chair home with you, you can always find rocking chairs for children online.  And while you are there, you can check out folding camping chairs for when your time indoors is over. 

Finding which of the rocking chairs for children is right for you, your home, and your child will go a long way in decorating your home with your style in mind.