Halloween is a great time for the girls to dress up and go out and some fun with their friends trick or treating. Whether there is a Halloween party to go to or a night out going from door to door to collect candy. Here are the most popular costumes for little girls in 2009.

Things You Will Need


Idea for Costumes

Step 1

Be a princess. This year there are new princesses being introduced in Disney movies whihc is creating a new interest for girls. Whether you choose to be a princess that is Disney style or you rather rule a country, then the simple costume is perfect. The girl needs a pretty dress, a crown and a country to rule.

Step 2

Be a witch. Enjoy the Halloween night by being a witch with simple powers. The costume can be quick with a black dress and orange tights. Add a brrom and a pointed hat and you are ready. Add some fun and teach your girl how to cackle to get into the with mood. Spells aren't included, but your girl could make up a few!

Step 3

Be a fairy. Whether Tinker Bell or a fairy from the woods, this can be a simple costume with lots of personality. A pair of tights, a little costume and a wand with a pair of wings makes a perfect fairy. The perfect thing about a fair, is there are no bad fairies. Bringing out an individual look, the girls can have som uch fun collecting Halloween candy.

Step 4

A Cowgirl. A pair of jeans, a vest and a hat is a quick and fun costume for a girl who wants to be a cowgirl. Add some rope and a pony on the stick and you can be out in the back forty in no time. This can be so much fun as most girls do dream about having a pony to ride.

The best part about a Halloween Costume is the girls get to show off their pretty costumes. Be creative and let your child explore their individuality to show off in classrooms, parties and even on Halloween Night trick or treating.

Tips & Warnings