After staying up late at night, it's not secret that you are taking a risk that you will oversleep and miss something important the next day. We've probably all had the experience of having to skip breakfast, rush out the door, and hope the police don't catch you speeding on your way to the office because you overslept. Yes, you should have made sure you got eight hours or more of sleep the night before, but in today's society, that is not always possible. Also, some people are just naturally deep-sleepers and sleep through their alarm clocks even if they get a full night sleep. There's good news though! You don't ever have to go through the experience of oversleeping again! Just follow these tips and tricks and you should be okay.

1) Move Your Alarm Clock - Don't put your alarm clock or phone anywhere near your bed. You should put it all the way on the other side of the room so you have to get up out of bed and turn it off. Whatever you do, DON'T get back in bed. Remember, that the farther you put your alarm across the room, the louder you need to set it in order to hear it. A tip worth trying is to move your alarm to a different location in your room every night so when you wake up, you have to move around searching for it thus waking you up.

2) Switch Your Alarm's "Ringtone" - If it is possible on your alarm clock or phone, switch the music or sound that plays when it wakes you up periodically. If you get too used to the same noise waking you up each day you have a greater chance of sleeping through it. It is recommended that you switch the "ringtone" once a week.

3) Set Multiple Devices - Sometimes, there is a power outage and your alarm clock resets, or your cell phone runs out of batteries and you oversleep because of that. By setting both an alarm clock and your phone, iPod, etc. to go off each morning will assure that these events can't stop you from waking up as well as to prevent you from hitting the snooze on one while you're half asleep and then falling back asleep because you will have a back up alarm.

4) Get a Really Loud Alarm Clock - Sometimes all it takes is a really loud alarm clock to wake you up. There are many different ones to choose with, but I have personally been happy and would recommend the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock. It is really loud and even vibrates too!

By using these tricks, you should be able to get yourself out of bed every day and not have to worry about oversleeping. The only problem you have now is how to stay awake during the day. I wrote an article about how to stop yourself from falling asleep in school, which I think is definitely worth checking out because it can be applied at the workplace as well.