So maybe the time has come to buy a new writing desk.  Maybe this purchase is for your office or maybe it's to create your ideal home office and the only thing missing is the perfect home office desk.  Going the traditional route: you have to love what a high quality writing desk brings to the table.  These pieces of furniture have stood the test of time and changing technology and style because writing desks are extremely functional pieces of furniture that also look good and give off the feeling of power and authority.  The right designs also bring in a beautiful aesthetic to any home office or room that really adds to the full effect.

However there is a huge price range when it comes to writing desks.  If you're looking at a cheap writing desk of some kind like you can find in Wal-Mart or something painted and made from pine, then the cost could be really low: even as low as $39 or $49 but remember the old saying "you get what you pay for" before jumping at one of these models.  Many of the more popular designs of oak writing desks, mahogany desks, or other common wood writing desks will run in the $200 to $600 range and you can get a lot of value for that.  The high end Italian style writing desks might go for as high as several thousand dollars, although most of these are beautiful antique style designs and more for design sake than a functional work desk.

Before you go about buying one of these desks, it's very important for you to ask four important questions before going ahead and making the purchase.  These questions will help you determine whether or not the writing desk that you're looking at is a good fit.

Question #1: Is this the best writing desk that fits your home office needs?

This is an important question because it makes you think of the home office desk in a functional setting back at home as opposed to getting swept up with how the desk looks as a stand alone or how it appears as part of a display in the store.  Just because a desk looks good in a store display doesn't mean it will fit in aesthetically with what you have set up at home.  Making sure you think about the desk's appearance will prevent you from getting a nice looking cherry wood writing desk or mahogany writing desk when your home office is set up for a more modern office look.

The other part of this question is functionality.  Do you need a desk with a wide surface area and multiple drawers?  Or do you just need a simple corner or L-shaped desk that takes advantage of limited space?  Modern desk designs are completely different from antique writing desk designs and each brings its own pros and cons.  Examining what small writing desks have to offer as opposed to large writing desks can help you determine which model is best.

Question #2: What pros are most important to me for a new writing desk?

There are many different potential positives to buying a new writing desk, and these can't be underestimated.  Different people will have different priorities when it comes to purchasing a new writign desk.  Some people want a large open space because they believe in "organized chaos" while others want a corner or L-shaped desk to take advantage of limited space.  Some people want a good looking desk with a strong or powerful aesthetic while appearance doesn't matter for others.  By looking at what aspects of a new writing desk are most important to you, you can narrow down the list and help settle on the best match for you.  Plenty of good desks won't hit all the various marks on the "pros" checklist.

Question #3: Which potential cons would be the biggest problem with a new writing desk?

The opposite question is also extremely important.  When looking at the many different types of writing desks available, there are also going to be certain things you don't want to see from any office furniture that you're buying.  For example, I dislike the desks that give a little ledge for a printer.  They don't look good, there's a sharp corner that pokes out, and it takes away from space that you would usually use for your mouse.  This would be a disqualifying factor for me, but might be ideal for someone else's office.  The size, weight, and overall appearance can all play into these cons and depending on what your specific needs are this can drastically change your choice when it comes to picking out the perfect home office writing desk.

Question #4: Is the writing desk worth the price, or is the value not matched up with what's being asked? 

This is a hard one to sort out for sure in large part because each person's individual needs and tastes are going to be different.  At the end of the day only you can decide if what a writing desk offers is worth the price tag or not.  But it's a consideration that every buyer should make before jumping ahead with any type of a purchase.  Your ideal writing desk might be a beautiful model, but is the difference between a $3,000 writing desk and a $1,000 writing desk might just not be that much when comparing what the actual difference is between what the two offer.  You might find it's very little.

If you ask yourself these four questions before deciding on a home writing desk to purchase, you are much more likely to end up with the ideal fit.  Writing desks started out more as a status symbol than anything else, a bragging point of education and literacy which was not wide spread centuries ago.  Now they have long since been status symbols for bosses as well as functional tools that are a necessary part of any modern office set up.  Follow this advice and you will be far more likely to find the perfect writing desk for your home office.