Becoming a parent is one of the most magical times in someone's life. Feelings of excitement and a new sense of responsibility take center stage as you enter this new phase of your life. Follow these 4 easy tips to save a ton of money on clothes for your baby.

1. Buy Large

Babies grow fast, really fast. It's not unusual for your infant to wear a onesie for just one to two weeks before it no longer fits her. Avoid buying expensive brand name gear and opt for sizes they can grow into. You will get more use out of them and if you overshoot don't worry, he will eventually get there.

2. Purchase Unisex Items

You have a girl now but the next one could be a boy. Focus the majority of your purchases on gender neutral colors and then accessorize. White onesies come in handy but you can also get grey pants, a red shirt, and throw in a black head band to let people know you have a beautiful daughter. The same basic outfit can then be re-used with some minor changes like adding in a blue beanie.

3. Avoid Shoes

For the first year of your daughter's life, she is probably going to do little to no walking. Does it make sense to buy her those fancy black shoes that caught your eye at the store? They can be relatively expensive and will only fit for a short period of time before she is on to the next size. If you have an elegant occasion coming up like a holiday or wedding, consider borrowing a pair from someone you know. You will save a lot of money avoiding this unnecessary expense.

4. Borrow Clothes

Other parents are your best friends. More often than not they have a ton of clothes their child has outgrown sitting in a plastic bin. Reach out to friends and family and borrow their hand me downs. Most likely they were only worn a few times before they no longer fit so they should look fairly new. Make sure you wash them and return them in good condition when you are done