When I first heard about Tiny Wings it sounded awesome. Having an iPhone myself I decided to download the game and I was not satisfied. So the game is only to get as far as possible? And when you are playing for 5 minutes and the sun goes under you just have to start over again? Really? Horrible. That was until I discovered the objectives. I was astonished. The game isn't about reaching the 87th (or whatever big numer you want to insert here) at all. The game isn't about the most coins you collect, your biggest high score. This game is about objectives. I want to break down this game a little bit and make you understand why this game is such a success!

Why Tiny Wings is such an amazing game

  1. It involves a sweet little bird. As a guy I have no idea why this is so important, but Angry Birds already learned us that having a little bird in a game can be really successful. Especially now when Angry Birds on Facebook will become a hit! Tiny Wings took this small part of Angry Birds and used it for their own - successful. It is a small bird which makes a sound every once in a while, lovely.
  2. It has a scoring system. This makes the fun to play to each other. Love to play against somebody 'only 160.000? Loser!'
  3. It has objectives. The game is over when the day is over. But you are reaching something. You are getting better nests every time you complete 3 objectives. Having some sort of 'save' point is always a relieve for better gamers, because they don't have to go through the stupid easy part over and over again. Besides the beauty of having a safe point the objectives get harder and cover different parts of the game as well. One time you reach a score of more than X, the next time you have to do X cloud-touches in a row. This diversity forces you to focus on different aspects of the game which result in a better gameplay!
  4. A day is only 5 minutes long. One game is easily played. In around 5 minutes you are done. So whenever you need to kill a couple of minutes (waiting for someone or whatever) you can play a game of Tiny Wings. Instant success.

Having these couple of aspects Tiny Wings can only be a success. The cute bird isn't enough. I mean, a 20 year old guy like me loves this game as well, there need to be more. And Tiny Wings did this successfully.