Are you considering a bathroom remodel? Looking for which sink might suit your taste and add style and uniqueness to your home? Most people start by picking a bathroom vanity that is more functional than it is "pretty". However , a trend that has developed in the past few years is that of homeowners choosing vessel sinks. Now I'm going to state upfront that I don't like vessel sinks. I'm sure some of you do. My purpose in writing this article is to provide what I think are the drawbacks of owning a vessel sink and why you might consider NOT installing one in your bathroom.

First, the appearance of the sink doesn't appeal to me at all. To me, vessel sinks look like giant fruit bowls that haven't been filled lately. I've gone into bathrooms before wondering where I could get an apple from. :-) I know that will ruffle some feathers, but my first point is really only a personal preference. You and I can agree to disagree on the look. Let's see if I can point out a few other things about these sinks.

The second point I don't like about these sinks is that they are extremely susceptible to be cracked, dinged, and dropped on. Do you have a hairdryer, electric toothbrush, curling iron, hand mirror, glass bottle of perfume, or anything else in your bathroom that weighs more than a peanut? Glass, ceramic, and porcelain vessel sinks are very fragile. Yes I know that the edges are thick. Also I know that no matter how thick something is, if I drop a curling iron on it from 3 feet up, there's a real good chance it's going to take a chip out of it. I'm not exaggerating when I say that of the four people who I know that have vessel sinks, each of them have some type of ding or chip in it. Why? Because someone in the house dropped something on it.

Another consideration to think about before buying a vessel sink is if you have a toddler or young child in your home. When the sink is placed upon its base or cabinet, the bowl edges of a vessel sink are inevitably directly equivalent to the exact height of your kids' head. I've heard about a couple of instances from friends of kids slipping on a wet bathroom tile floor and knocking their head into the sink edge. That hurts just thinking about it.

Finally, If you purchase a vessel sink, you get the privilege to clean the whole thing. What do I mean by this? Well if you get a clear glass vessel sink for example, not only do you need to clean up the toothpaste goop, water hardness stains, and other stuff on the inside of the sink, you get to clean the outside of the bowl too. You see the outside of clear glass looks just as bad as the inside over a week of now you get to double your time in cleaning your bathroom sink. Not fun at all if you ask me.

I'm not saying you shouldn't buy a vessel sink...well on second thought, maybe I am. If you go through with it, at least your making an informed decision. Just my opinion anyways :-)