People look at buying Christmas trees with a great deal of scrutiny. It has to be just right for the family and home that it is going to be in. The shape, height, and overall size is very important depending on your available space. Many debate over whether a real tree is better than an artificial tree. There are many benefits to buying artificial over real Christmas trees.


Buying an artificial tree will leave more money in your pocket. Artificial Christmas trees are going to last several years versus the one season that you would have the live one for. In the past few years, the cost of live trees have skyrocketed. By the time that spend the time and gas money to take the family to a Christmas tree farm you are already out a pretty penny. On top of that, the cost of a live tree can easily exceed double digits in cost. By buying an artificial Christmas tree, you save money, time and a tree.

artificial christmas treeAppearance

Artificial Christmas trees maintain their beautiful appearance. You can buy them in almost any design or dimension these days. In the beginning, real trees are beautiful and the pine smell fills your home; However, the smell and lovely appearance only last a few days. The pine smell tends to go away after about a week and the needles start to fall off. The tree, even with proper watering, will start to wilt after a few days. Due to the tree becoming dry, the branches will start to droop under the weight of the Christmas ornaments. With an artificial tree, you don't have to worry about drooping limbs and pine needles all over your floor.


If you live in a small apartment or have limited space an artificial tree is a great idea. You can buy them in almost any width or height. The new trend in artificial Christmas trees are pencil trees which look very realistic. They are tall and thin and look very much like a real tree. They are perfect for small spaces or apartments. If you wanted a tree for an office or classroom buying an artificial one saves a lot of space. It's very hard to find a small pine tree that is lush and full looking.

Environmental Benefits

Trees are meant to provide oxygen to help us breath and wood to help us build things for sustainability. Trees are not meant to be grown, chopped down, and put in someones home for a few weeks until they die. It is more environmentally friendly to buy artificial trees as they can be used for many years and do not waste living trees. When a real tree is done being used after the holidays, it is normally thrown out with the garbage or dumped out in the forest where it rots. It makes more sense to buy something that is not going to take up more space in landfills.