Energy drinks are promoted as beverages that provide you with an energy boost. Many Americans view them as an alternative to coffee and sodas. Business executives, politicians, lawyers, and people in other professions consume them in order to perform their best. Athletes use these energy boosters in order to gain an "edge" on their competition. It is believed that these drinks can improve endurance and stamina. They are advertised cleverly as soft drinks, but are sold as dietary supplements. This is dangerous because they are not subjected to the same health standards as other foods and drinks. The following 4 reasons are why this beverage is bad for you:

They Give You A False Sense Of Energy

Some people are sensitive to caffeine and long-term energy drink consumption can cause depression and anxiety. The lack of caffeine sensitivity is what makes the bodies of some people "crash." Research has indicated that while your body feels energized, it is also being dehydrated. Energy drinks contain very high doses of caffeine and can increase your chances of ulcers and high blood pressure. They can cause a caffeine overdose make you will be vulnerable to headaches, fatigue, stomach pains, ear ringing, and nausea. The average American drinks about 3 cups of coffee per day, which is more beneficial to you than these drinks. Caffeine and Guarana are stimulants. They are temporary energy fuels and can cause upset stomach. They can cause your body to "crash" and negatively affect on your heart rate. Coffee is a healthier energy booster and will last longer. These drinks also contain herbs such as ginseng and gingko biloba, which misleads your into believing that they are good for you.

They Negatively Affect Your Emotions

According to one health expert, they can negatively affect your emotional state. They can cause irritability and nervousness. You can become moody, distant, and unpredictable. Just like your body feels that temporary energy boost, your emotions can respond the same way. Drinking coffee instead is better for your emotions and you do not have to worry about your body crashing.

Energy Drinks Contribute To Heart Problems

According to one doctor, they can cause rapid heartbeats and raise your blood pressure. Heart palpitations and chest pain are also symptoms of excessive usage. In extreme cases, it can cause a deadly heart attack. Caution:Do not mix alcohol with energy drinks because this can reduce your asessment of alcohol consumption. This is major problem in America, especially among young people between the ages of 18-35.  Many of them contain taurine, which produces a sedative effect. Mixed with alcohol, this is dangerous because this may result in neurological and cardiovascular side effects. If you plan on driving, do not use these substances. You will increase your chances of being involved in an accident. Do not take this unnecessary risk. Have someone drive you to your destination.

Energy Drinks Negatively Affect Your Sleeping Patterns

According to one sleep organization, people that consume these drinks are more likely to suffer from insomnia. They have more trouble getting restful sleep. Studies have shown that the average American needs about 8 hours of sleep per night. They interrupt your sleeping patterns and you will probably wake up feeling sluggish. This can also affect your performance in the workplace because you are not getting the proper rest. Your concentration and focus for will suffer. Drink a cup of coffee or an occasional soda instead. You will feel better.

Caution:If you going to consume an energy drink, try to limit yourself to one per day. If you drink more than this, you increase your risk of health problems. On a personal note, years ago, I consumed 1-2 energy drinks every day. Long-term use of it negatively affected my prostate. I would often use the bathroom often and I did not know what was causing it. A good friend and co-worker noticed my energy drink consumption and suggested that I eliminate them. I followed her advice and my problem was solved. I know from experience the bad things that they can do to you.  This does not have to be you. Energy drinks give you a false sense of energy and they can affect your emotional state. They contribute to heart problems. They can have a bad impact on your sleeping patterns. Use caution consuming energy drinks.

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