Macs for Developers

I used to be a die-hard windows user. My first computer was a Windows PC and I loved it.  Back then, all I used to use my PC for was playing games and messing around on the internet.  

A few years ago I made the switch from a PC to a Mac and have never looked back, having developed countless apps and websites using my Mac.  Here are the top five reasons why Macs are better for development.

The Best Development Software

When I ask my colleagues why they use Macs, the number one reason is usually the software.  When you make the switch, you’ll soon notice something about the development software - it’s very well designed.  And yes it is “pretty”, but that’s not the important factor - it’s much more usable.  Development software on Windows seemed to lack any design overview.  It was seen as an unnecessary element.    


Mac OSx is Unix based - if you’ve ever done any work for web development, and had to setup servers etc, you would have been using unix commands.  The terminal in OS X is much more powerful than anything comparable on Windows.  It’s nice to be able to have full access to your machine via the command interface.  Most developers will keep Terminal open 24/7 as it’s the most efficent interface for interacting with tools such as Git and managing remote servers via SSH.

The terminal would be enough to make me a Mac convert on its own.  Developers just can’t live without it.


What’s the only operating system that will allow you to develop for all platforms?  Macs!  Due to the proprietary nature of the OS x operating system (you can only get it on a Mac), if you want to build apps for both Macs and Windows devices you’ll need to get a Mac.  And of course, you can install Linux and Windows on a Mac for developement.   In the world of mobile development, Macs are obviously well positioned with both Android and iOS developer tools available.  (Most of the Android developers also use Macs).

The Experience

The little things make a big difference to productivity.  I would call using a Mac a pleasent experience.  Nothing pops up to distract me,  I’m not worried about security,  and it’s fast.

It’s What Developers Are Using

When I was working in the U.S in silicon valley, the vast majority of the people in the tech space were using Macs.  The vast majority of developers building tools we use every day like Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc, are using Macs.  With so many developers using the platform, it means there is a thriving ecosystem of tools and support.