On top of being a recreational game (as mentioned in Part I of this series), the Sims game series can be extended beyond fun.

The limitless possibilities in the game has provided much fun for players over the years. As the game was improved upon, many of its keys features were also modified along the way. In this article, you will learn why the game can be converted into a useful tool for aspiring professionals. 

Create original movies

Since the introduction of the Sims 2, a video recording function has been added to the game. This has allowed aspiring scriptwriters and directors to be able to record and produce their very own movie. As the game improves, the visual quality of the movies have also gone up. With the ease of control and wide range of possibilities, you can capture your ideal movie from any angle you wish.

Imagine the difficulty of getting a regular actor to levitate off the ground, or to ingest rotten food. This very game eliminates these difficulties and frees you from any human rights or ethics laws.

Expand your ideal possibilities and create outrageous stories. Cook up your very own story plot, plan the scenarios and control your in-game characters to act according to your script. Do note that your character may misbehave due to various conditions in the game, but as long as you fulfill those conditions, they tend to act according to your 'commands'.

Introducing more options

Expansion packs were made available for both the Sims 2 and 3 to allow players a wider range of choice and control over what their character can do.

In the Sims 2, there were 8 expansion packs that gave players additional options and objectives to strive for. The 'Freetime' expansion pack introduced hobbies, and lifetime aspirations, giving players an objective for their characters to achieve. 'Seasons' introduced weather and seasons, as the name implies. Players can now fish and plant seasonal items. 'Nightlife' allowed players to form groupies between characters, just to hang out. 'University' created a whole new age group; the young adults. Characters can now move out from their parents' place, share rooms with quirky roommates in dormitories, and experience the ups and downs of the adolescent's 'complex' school life. This expansion pack also created new interactions and broaden the schooling experience of the Sims. 

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In the Sims 3, there were 11 expansion packs introduced, some of which are similar to those released for its predecessor. Innovative expansion packs also broaden the possibilities and the range of the game play in this series. With 'World Adventures', players can travel beyond their neighborhood to countries such as Egypt and China. Aptly named, players can explore tombs and mazes during their travels to new countries. This means more possible mates and more possible interactions! Also, with the latest 'Into the Future' expansion pack, players can now travel through time and change the future! 'Pets' introduced our favorite companions such as cats and dogs, as well as other non-human friends like horses. These pets are now part of the family, and their deaths often affect the emotions of your Sim.

Create your very own story

With all the possible options and decisions that players can make, aspiring directors, scriptwriters or even dreamers like me can create any story we can think of. We are only limited by our creativity.

Share your movies with like minded enthusiasts at the online community created just for The Sims, and watch movies that other players have created and shared. Share your ideas and get some inspiration from what others have created. 

Easy to use and intuitive building tools.

Other than creating your ideal Sim, you get to build the perfect house too. Build the house of your dreams with no financial or territorial restrictions. Now, that is every architect's or homemaker's dream. 

The build function has always been a key part of the game. By providing players with a wide selection of walls, paints and terrains, many dream houses have been built and shared on the online community for players. Furnish your dream house to create the exact home of your dreams.

Not a creative architect? With the Sims 4, the building feature is simplified for house design newbies like me. Trying to build your dream house but are having problems starting with an empty plot of land? Just select a similar floor plan provided in the upcoming Sims 4 game and modify it by dragging and tweaking it to your preference. 

The Sims 4 Build Mode Trailer

Availability of floor plans will allow newbies like me to create professional looking houses. If the in-game floor plans do not satisfy you, check out the houses built by other players at the online community. You can download some of them and use them in your game.

With the video recording and building functions, the Sims has moved beyond being just a game. It has provided aspiring movie makers and architects the necessary tools to hone their skills, and a viable platform to share their creativity.

Start playing the Sims now!

Check out Part 1 of this article series to find out more about why you should play this game. All this talk about the Sims is getting me excited. Now I can't wait to boot up the game and start creating stories!

Get excited about the Sims 4 release!

Check out EA games' Youtube channel and catch the new Sims 4 teasers and trailer videos as they are being released! I can't wait for the release and am looking forward to getting into the game! You can choose to pre-order the game too.

The Sims 4 Gameplay Trailer

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