It seems that wireless security cameras are gaining a lot of buzz nowadays. With crime on the rise, home security systems are a must have. Wireless security cameras play an important role in protecting your home and even your business from many dangers. There are many reasons that make wireless cameras the perfect solution if you decide to monitor your home and office remotely.

Reason 1 : Easy installation

All of us know that those wireless cameras require little or even no effort while installing, this is because there are no cables that goes across the home or the office. You only need to place them in the desired place, then set the receiver in order to begin receiving the signals and monitoring the place you want. There is a small hint that I would insist on it in order not to get confused. Being wireless doesn't mean that there are no wires.

Actually there are two types of wireless security cameras which are battery and cable dependant cameras. Those with battery won't require any cables because the battery provides the camera with it's need of energy but those with cable would require small cable that connect the camera itself to the source of electricity. This is doesn't interfere with the idea of being wireless because the camera send its signals to the receiver without the need of wires but still need source of electricity.

Reason 2 : Flexibility

This is an important advantage you may think of. Unlike wired cameras you can install the camera with minimum effort as I discussed before and set it anywhere, you may even change its position if you want   . This could be useful in seasonal variation, let's say that summer has ended and you want to get use of the pool camera in another place. It would be a hard task if you are using a wired camera. You could easily change its position without being afraid of walls and floors as it can send signals through them as long as they are within the allowed range.

Reason 3 : Various colors and functions

They came with two colors to choose between them which are black and white. This may seem of no importance but this gives you more flexibility when choosing your camera. Recent wireless security cameras come with many functions and extras. Many of them have pan, tilt and zoom functions built-in. Some of them may have up to 4x zoom, this could be useful if you want to magnify a certain scene or to see faces clearly. Recent cameras can be connected to your PC and this offers you unlimited choices. Some of them have MPEG-4 video compression which can be used to compress images with high quality and high frame rate.

Reason 4 : Less cost

Despite the price of the camera which may seem more expensive compared to the wired cameras, the total cost may be on the side of wireless cameras because you can cut off the installation fees and install the camera yourself. As I said before it requires minimum effort to be installed then you can place it at the place you want and start monitoring at once.

These are just some of the reasons why wireless security cameras have received so much attention from such a wide range of sources. I don't have to remind you of how could those cameras help you sleep with your mind at ease.