Book Club

If you are an author or an aspiring one, there is a good probability that you got the writing bug from a great novel. You must have purchased it from a book store, borrowed it from a friend or heard about it from a book club. Authors joining book clubs are uncommon, but there are several good reasons you should join one. If you are looking for one good reason, read on to find four.

Four reasons authors should be a part of book clubs:

1. Inspiration

Every author needs inspiration. Without one, you will never be able to produce a thrilling novel. Inspiration also gives you the motivation to slog through the tedious process of your chosen profession. Reading clubs are a great place, often ignored by authors, to get inspiration for your character or next book. When people discuss the intricacies of a novel, they tend to go in depth with regards to the nature of a book. By using your active listening skills, perhaps you can take home some great ideas.

2. New methods

If you observe different novels in different genres, you will find that there is no one standard method. Joining book clubs is a good start for budding authors to get knowledge about different methods. When members discuss reading materials at a club, method of writing is one of the first things mentioned. If you are an established author, you may have decided on your favorite method. But it doesn't hurt to experiment. After all, great authors had numerous methods of writing.

3. Feedback

A good feedback is very important to a budding novelist. If you are starting out in the world of writing, feedbacks will help you correct your course. However, getting inputs from sources apart from friends and family is very important for an unbiased view. When you join a reading club, you have got an audience where you can test your writing. It is not necessary that you have a complete novel. Chapters of your book can be shown separately to the club members for checking the acceptance level. By doing this, you can find beforehand whether there will be demand for your novel and if a publisher will accept it.

4. Networking

A great network of references is important not only for management executives, but also for authors. You can get great references to potential publishers through book clubs. Also, word of mouth recommendation from fellow members will help you to get many genuine readers. You can create a great social standing in the writing community with a bit of networking. The potential benefits are enormous.

The above four reasons should convince you to join a club nearest to you. Improve your writing and get added impetus as an author with the help of book clubs.