With so much emphasis and so many people on the Internet each day it is vital companies change the whole scheme of things and focus a great deal of attention to their online presence. Of course the challenge for web-based only businesses is to make a bigger impact than the next brand. What this all boils down to is that you will need a good website and lots of great written content.

Written Content, you Say?

From social media to blogs to your website,  to promotional eBooks and more, customers need a variety of written information to help them learn more about your company and your products. They want this information to be easy-to-read and easy-to understand, compiled of useful facts that completes all of their needs with just one website. If you can give this to them you’ve made a customer for life.

I Can’t Write

Now there’s a problem, but it is not one that millions of others aren’t sharing with you. The answer? Hire a professional to write your content. Many writers are available online, as well as writing companies, all eager to handle your writing needs.  But before you automatically assume that the writing company is your best bet, continue reading to learn just why a writing company isn’t the top choice for your writing needs.

Low Pay

One reason to avoid a writing company is because they usually charge you an arm and a leg but pay their writers only morsels. You’re expecting hours of research, unknowing the writing company is paying the writer less than $50 for a $200 project. They say that you get what you pay for, and this couldn’t be any more true.

Who is Writing?

Oftentimes writing companies hire anyone that comes along without ever taking a look at a resume or their actual qualifications or abilities to write a nice piece of work. And, the risk of hiring a non-native English speaking writer is also a concern with these companies.

You Miss the Opportunity to Communicate

It is hard to decipher what you really want and make a personal connection to the person handling your work when you’re using a middleman. If you’re looking for precise work, always having the chance to speak directly with the writer can make a world of difference in the results of the paper.


As mentioned earlier the costs of using a writing company can be far more than what you would pay to hire  an individual writer. Furthermore hiring a personal writer rather than a company usually results in higher quality work!