Widely adaptable and affordable, tile is a great addition to the home setting. Its wear resistant properties are obviously great for kitchens and bathrooms, but tile also works well in living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. All tile takes is a few extra throw rugs to be comfortable. Practical yet affordable, tile offers key advantages to any home. What are some of the benefits of ceramic tile?

Easy maintenance
Though no flooring is completely maintenance free, maintaining a tile floor is about as simple as it gets. Other than the occasional sealant applied every few years, tile really only takes regular cleaning to keep it shining like new. If grout is correctly installed, tile will remain impervious to water damage. It can practically be hosed down if needed. In any grocery store, you'll find a variety of cleaning products to keep your tile as clean and shining as the day it was installed.

If you stop to consider all the costs against how long it lasts, tile is actually one of the most cost effective flooring options available for new floors in San Diego. The price of installation compared to tile's longevity make it one of the best "dollar per mile" for any flooring selection. Considering the simple maintenance and flooring required, tile's affordability can't be beat. Economical yet very functional, tile gives so many options you can implement it into any style.

Variety of installation options
Tile is only limited by imagination. Flooring is just one possibility. Tile also works well in counter tops, porticos, murals and backsplashes if you decide to get creative. Tile can create a beautiful theme with an appealing unified design that complements the furnishings.

Tile's durable reputation made it a favorite in ancient Rome. Indeed, tile's long lasting qualities contributes to its popularity today. Tile works great in high traffic areas because it's impervious to wear. Romans first used it out of utility, but they also use it for art because of its beauty. Tile isn't very impact resistant, but it does resist water damage of the grout is applied effectively. If tile should crack, it can be easily fixed. Tile is much easier to repair than hardwood or traditional stone.