If you decide to buy event tickets online, visit CheapTickets or StubHub for the best seats. You can frequently find tickets on these sites that are being resold by the original purchaser because they had a change of plans that won't allow them to attend the event. Other tickets are sold by season ticket holders that aren't interested in specific shows. Frequently, you can find front-row or VIP tickets with special perks like preferred parking or VIP lounge access. However, you must also follow a few rules to make sure your purchase is secure.

1. Buy Only from a Site with Fan Protection

If you purchase tickets directly from a seller on a typical auction site, you never know if you will receiver your tickets until they arrive. Many tickets today are delivered in a printable format and can be emailed. An unscrupulous seller could sell these same tickets to hundreds of people. You would never know until you arrived at the venue, and the ticket's barcode label was scanned. When you buy from sites like CheapTickets or StubHub.com, they have a fan protection guarantee. If the seller doesn't deliver the tickets, they will refund your purchase price or try to locate similar tickets. They also have a contact number for support if you have any problems using your tickets when you arrive at the venue.

2. Read the Details Carefully

Make sure that you read the details of the tickets carefully and know what you're buying. In addition to tickets, you may also see parking and lounge passes for sale on these sites. They should be clearly identified, but you may miss these details if you're not paying attention. Some tickets are paperless. This means that the original purchaser will have to meet the person they are selling to and escort them into the venue. While this may work, it's a risky proposition and not recommended. In fact, if an online site determines that the tickets are paperless, they may cancel the entire sale and refund the purchase price. Other details that should be considered are location of the seats and whether there is anything that will obstruct your view. Aisle seats are usually notated and may demand a higher price.

3. Use a Credit Card

When purchasing event tickets online, use a credit card as opposed to a debit card or other payment method. If all else fails, you can always dispute the charges with your credit card company and receive a refund. With other methods of payment, your purchase price will not be protected in the same way.

4. Buy Event Insurance

Event insurance is a relatively new offering that will refund the price of your tickets if you are unable to attend the event for certain reasons. You can expect it to work similar to the popular trip insurance plans, but you should read the fine print carefully. Try to find a policy that will allow you to receive a refund for any reason. After all, you never know when something outside of your control will prevent you from using the tickets you purchase online.