Cleaning Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3... 4

These 4 simple steps to cleaning your bedroom will transform not only the way you clean but also the way you perceive house hold cleanliness. If you are perpetually messy or if you already have the most effective cleaning routine, these 4 steps can help you finally get that much closer to godliness.

Step 1: Make Your Bed

Although this step may seem simple enough, this is the most important step in the cleaning process. When your bed is made you will be amazed at how much cleaner your room looks.  The hallmark to any clean bedroom is a made bed. 

To make your bed, you must first remove everything from on top of your bed: throw it on the floor, toss it aside, or put it all in a pile. Worry about all that stuff later. For now we are concentrating on the bed.

There is no one right way to make a bed.  A bed can be made many different ways.  Experiment with folding blankets, covers, and pillows in all sorts of manners to see which way looks best to you.

Step 2: Remove Unrequired Items

The reason your room is messy in the first place is because you have too much stuff that does not belong there. It should belong somewhere else, either somewhere else in the bedroom or in another room entirely. Sift through every single item and determine which items belong and which items do not belong.

Once you have determined which items do not belong in your clean bedroom, remove those items.  Put them where they do belong.  Although this part can get tedious, moving from room to room, it will not only make your bedroom cleaner but it will also make the other rooms cleaner as well.

Step 3: Organize

After you have finished making your bed and removing items that do not belong in your clean bedroom, the next simple step in cleaning your bedroom is typically the most difficult.  This step may take some time the first time you use these 4 steps; however, it will save you plenty of time the next time you use these 4 simple steps to clean your room.

To begin organizing, it is best to put like items with other like items. For example, put clothes in a clothes pile or books in a books pile.  This step will make the cleaning process much easier when putting things back where they belong.

If you do not have any items that have a partner or a like item, do not worry. Simply put each item in its only heap and put them away just like the items with the pairs.

Step 4: Vacuum

The 4th and final step may seem like a loath-worthy chore but it is the piece de resistance when cleaning your room. By now, your bed has been made, all of the trash and unwanted items have been removed from your bedroom and everything that is meant to stay in your bedroom has been put away in its rightful place. This means the floor should be free and clear from any items all together. This will make the vacuuming process very simple and you can finish it in no time at all.

There you have it, the 4 simple steps to cleaning your room. If you follow these steps closely you will be amazed at just how quickly and effectively clean your room will look day after day.