Most people don't drink enough water. Let's face it, sugary drinks like juice and soda have taken center stage in our daily lives. There are many benefits to increasing your daily consumption of water, from helping with weight loss to preventing kidney problems down the road, but most of us struggle to make it a habit. We're all familiar with the 8 glasses a day quota but very few actually achieve it. I have easy 5 tips that will increase your water intake without having to make any drastic or inconvenient lifestyle changes.

1. Set the Tone

One of the easiest ways to increase your water intake is to make it part of your morning ritual. Find a suitable time such as when you first wake up or just after breakfast to drink a full glass of water. The key here is to be consistent and stay focused, especially when you first start. Within a week or two you should start seeing a routine develop where drinking that glass of water becomes almost automatic. You can take it a step further and also work this in to your bed time routine. Follow this key step and you've already taken care of a 1/4th of your daily goal.

2. Track Your Intake

How do you know if you are drinking enough water or not? Did you have that morning glass or the one before bed? You need to track your intake to make sure you are drinking enough water. Keeping tabs on the ounces you drink will not only keep you informed of your progress but will serve as a mechanism for staying focused. There are several apps that incorporate this functionality including the Fitbit app for iOS and Android. You simply open the Fitbit App, tap on the water glass icon, and select the number of ounces you are currently drinking. You can also use some of the presets for faster entry.

3. Easy Access

It's so much easier to drink water when you have it readily available. Fortunately for a lot of us, many work spaces and offices provide water coolers and cups. You don't need to go out of your way to fill a cup. Simply pick one up each time you pass by the cooler. They are often times placed in strategic locations so most likely you will cross paths with the cooler at least several times a day. Before long it will become an ingrained habit and you will find yourself drinking several cups a day with ease. If you don't have a water cooler in your workspace or if you want to make sure you drink lots of water outside of work invest in a reusable water bottle. They are inexpensive, highly portable, cheaper than disposable water bottles (over time), and convenient to transport.

4. Make Water More Fun

Water is great but it doesn't exactly have a lot of flavor. Drinking nothing but water can become repetitive and leave you craving sugary drinks like soda. The key here is to switch it up by adding some flavor so that you don't get burnt out on water. There are many recipes for water infusions but the basic premise is to slice up various fruits, herbs, and vegetables like lemons, limes, mint, and cucumber. They bring delicious refreshing flavor to your water without the unwanted calories. Buy a water fruit infusion pitcher today and start making water more fun!

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