weight loss

I ve noticed that many people are struggling to lose some weight and few points. Many people try harsh diets and exhausting training .But if your goal is to lose just few pounds or points then you don't really need over training or exhausting diets just some small easy tips and most of its power of will. Also you don't have to be harsh on yourself . Losing points is nothing that is done overnight , to some it takes a month for others it takes months so don't be frustrated if you don't see results in the month.

 BREAKFAST : I am sure many of you people heard that breakfast is important for you to lose weight. Yes breakfast is really important for you to lose weight but that doesn't mean that you all have to eat every morning a huge plate of food. Just try what I am eating every day and I am an athlete . One cup of Nescafe for the caffeine I need and one slice of whole grain bread with some peanut butter on it . I suggest you to use low fat milk though if you are using milk or soya milk, almond milk or even rice milk and instead of sugar if you can have a sweetener or some Canderel Is much more preferred than normal crystal sugar . Peanut butter is better if it's crunchy and with no added salt but still a spoonful of peanut butter will make you a really good breakfast .

 IN BETWEEN :  Most people I am guessing that you have a job where you have to sit a lot . This is a big problem for your metabolism but not a huge problem if you know how to handle your hunger . If you are allowed in your work to have something to drink while working then instead of coffee or shakes or even juice it would be better if you could just drink a cup of tea , a green tea is most preferred here but you can try any tea flavor you like . Make sure that your tea is decaffeinated because you LL need the maximum effects of your tea . What the tea does is that will help your body throw away faster the acids and toxins that are in your body , now if you drink too much caffeine it becomes toxic as well. I love coffee and I mostly drink two to three cups of Nescafe or frappe (my country's traditional drink) but because I drink decaffeinated tea , the caffeine doesn't become toxic cause I flush it away at the end of the day . There is a miss conception that tea helps you lose weight, well it can help you lose weight but only if you exercise a little and eat more healthy . Now if you are really hungry and there is nothing you can do until your lunch time then just carry with you an apple or a banana . It's simple but most people don't realize how good these two fruits or any other fruit to be honest can help you fight your hunger . If you have time to prepare something for your meal in between , then just make a small sandwich with cucumbers tomatoes a turkey slice ham and a low fat cheese slice . If you are working many hours a day this is better than fruits but always have fruit in your daily nutrition .

 TAKE AN EXERCISE BREAK:  All of you in your job I am sure you are allowed to go the bathroom or to smoke , if not then you really have to start searching for a new work (joke). You can easily use those 5 minutes each time way better than just smoking or peeing . Just drop and do some push ups, many here will laugh or say this can't happen while you are at work. First of all you are not doing anything wrong and secondly it only takes 30 seconds max to do 6 push ups each time . You don't need more , just 6 push ups to help your body be alert and keep burning more and more calories each hour. Push ups help your metabolism because they are a full body exercise so more muscle has to work in order to do the exercise. If you can do more than 6 then just do more but care not to sweat , you don't want to be stinky in your work just healthy. An alternative to push ups , you can go one floor up and back but using the stairs. This again will help your body work more . Finally if you can't do any of this, then just stand up from your chair and just stretch a bit . Stretch your hands your legs and your back and keep doing this for every one hour you are sitting on the chair.

 TIME EATING AND PORTIONS :  Something that really helped me lose weight was the time I was eating dinner and the amount of food I was eating. I didn't have a steady time for eating dinner but most of the time was either really late or early in the night which lead me to eat more before I went to sleep. Then I started to eat each day around 7:30 to 9:00 depending if I had anything planned for the night or just staying home . I also lowered my portions of night food which also really helped much. Of course when I was eating at 7:30 I was always hungry later in the night but instead of eating again I drink either a cup of tea again or just another cup of coffee or even just eat a fruit depend on my mood . A small tip for lowering your portions is to never eat in front of the TV or PC and never fill your plate with lots and lots of food . Normal plate with normal portions is what you need no matter how hungry you are .

 Again as said before don't wait to see results overnight but be patient. I am an athlete and I ve lost 40 pounds over the 5 months but this was due to my training and my HEALTHY diet. I didn't do any diet I just changed small things I was doing wrong and keep my training in high level .Hope you enjoy this article and hope you find it useful . If anyone has anything to ask me about anything please be free to do so