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4 Simple Kitchen Clean up Ideas

Do you dread the after dinner kitchen cleanup?  You spend 2 hours cooking dinner, your family devours it in about 20 minutes then it takes you another hour to cleanup.  Here are 4 simple ways you can avoid a massive kitchen cleanup after dinner or a big meal.

  1. Start with a clean kitchen.  If you start making your meal with a bunch of dishes already in the sink then you are off to a bad start.  You feel like you are behind the game before it even starts.  So, go ahead clean any dirty dishes, put any in the dishwasher, and put away the clean dishes.  Then make sure your counter space is clean and void of anything.  This gives you a great uncluttered place to start preparing your meal.
  2. Clean as you go.   Let’s say you use a mixing bowl.  Once you are done then clean it and put it away.  If you can stay on top of cleaning your dishes, pots and pans as you go then there will not be a pile of dirty pots and pans in the sink when you are done.  I will sometimes wash a pot then if I need to then I can reuse it rather than getting another one dirty.
  3. Serve dinner buffet style.  My wife hates this because she loves  to use her cool serving dishes that match the season.  However, every meal does not have to be presented with such style.  Of course there is a time and place for that but maybe not every night.  Serve dinner out of the pots and pans that you they were cooked in.  This makes for a lot less dishes in the end.
  4. Everybody chips in.  We usually have the kids clear the table, mom puts the leftovers away and dad stands at the sink for dish duty.  This way every gets to help and you can avoid massive kitchen clean up.

Hope this helps!