If you are in college, and you have just been spending the entire time studying, you’re kind of doing things right. Yes, you’re in college to study, but you’re also there to learn about yourself and your interests as well. So, there are a number of things that you should do and experience before you complete your college education. Here are four things that we think that every college student should do before they graduate.

1. Try a new hobby. Everyone needs to try at least one new thing before they finish college. For me, I found that I absolutely love hiking, and have been doing it ever since I finished college, as well. But it could be anything, from knitting, to hiking, to a sport, to rock climbing, to traveling. Find a hobby that you like and stick with it; it will help relieve stress from your studies and you'll feel accomplished for learning something new! 

2. Find a mentor. Everyone needs someone to look up to. Whether it’s a mentor for your academic program or an upperclassman that has had a profound impact in your life in some way, you need to find someone to look up to that can be that role model and give you the advice you need to succeed. A mentor can also be a really good friend for you, because they can be someone that you can lean on when difficulties come in your life. Some people have mentors during high school and college, and they remain friends with them for the rest of their lives. 

3. Explore something that is different than what you know.  Whether it is a religion, a culture, or even a country, you need to check something out that you may not necessarily be used to. Why? Because college is the one place you will be surrounded by diversity and feel safe to embrace it in such an intimate way. You can do this by joining a club, by trying new foods, or even by studying abroad. 

4. Give back to someone. Volunteer your time toward something you’re passionate about. Mentor someone else who may need your guidance. Give money or time to a charity, or just send a gift to people that you care about. If you get a lifestyle of giving while in college, you’ll retain it after you’re done. We need more people in this world who want to give back to their communities. 

Do you need more ideas on what to do during your college adventure? There are plenty of articles out there with tips for you as well. So get going! Start having fun and enjoy your college experience to the fullest.