When it comes to keeping your carpets really clean you'll have the choice between hiring professionals to come in and do it for you, or you can buy a carpet cleaner and do the cleaning yourself. While there are some advantages to hiring a professional cleaning company the downside here is that you have to pay them every single time you need them, which can be very, very expensive if you have kids or pets wandering around your home.

Basically having the stains cleaned out of your carpet can be a very expensive proposition if you have to have it done on a regular basis.

So buying a carpet cleaner makes perfect sense, but the question is what do you need to look for in a carpet cleaner?


You need to be realistic about the actual volume of cleaning you'll need to do, and then buy a carpet cleaner to match those needs. If you only have a few square feet of carpet then the capacity of the cleaner won't matter too much. The flipside of this is that trying to clean several carpeted rooms with a tiny cleaner will drive you crazy, and probably burn it out in no time at all too. Expect to pay between $80 and $300 for a high-power machine which will last you several years, and is also more than capable of lifting heavy dirt from your carpets.

Dual Tanks

In an ideal world your machine will have two separate water tanks - one to hold the water used to clean the carpet, and then one to contain the dirty water once you're done. If you purchase a model which only has a single tank you're going to spend twice as long cleaning every room in your home, and you won't get the same results as you would with a dual tank model.

Heated Water

It's pretty much impossible to clean a dirty or stained carpet with cold water alone, so your cleaning machine will need to have a feature where it either heats the water itself, or it will need to be capable of storing hot water for use during cleaning. Some cleaners rely on using steam only, but you'll find that you get better results when it comes to dealing with really ground in dirt and stains with a model which uses both water and steam.

Powered Brush

A powered brush can help raise the pile in your carpet and make it look a lot newer and fresher than it has for years. In addition to this a powered brush can get really deep into the carpet pile and root out dirt and stains that other cleaners would miss.

Pros And Cons Of Buying


  • It's a once off cost, so you save money over the long term
  • It's available to you 24/7 for whenever those little "accidents" happen
  • You can keep your carpets in perfect condition
  • There are a lot of health benefits to keeping your carpets clean
  • You're extending the life of the carpet in your home, saving you a small fortune



  • You might need to spend around $150 to get a reliable model
  • You have to do the work yourself

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