Breast cancer is the second most deadly form of cancer for women in the United States. It occurs when cancer cells of the breast grow uncontrollably and develop into tumors. This is often the result of abnormal gene mutations which controls cell growth. In women that have symptoms of breast cancer, healthy cells do not replace old cells. They can become cancerous. and an overabundance of tissue can cause breast malfunction.  This can spread to your lymph nodes, causing pain and discomfort. Women can suffer from breast pain, bloody nipple discharge, and skin rashes. Men can also contract this cancer, although this does not happen often. This cancer begins in the lobules of the breasts that produce milk from the glands to the nipple. This is very important because if the lobules are not performing correctly, they can negatively affect connective tissue. This tissue helps hold together ducts and breasts. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to prevent this condition. If you do the following four things, you can reduce your risk of breast cancer:

Practice Good Diet And Nutrition Habits

Scientific research has shown that some foods and vegetables can reduce breast cancer risk. Foods that have low calories and cancer-fighting properties such as broccoli, leafy greens, spinach, and berries can help prevent this cancer. Fiber is an important nutrient and should be considered being a part of your daily food consumption. Besides reducing constipation, fiber can help prevent obesity, which can be a triggering factor in contracting breast cancer. When shopping for breads or cereals, purchasing whole grain fiber should be a top priority. This is because studies have indicated that this is the healthiest fiber. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent a recurrence of breast cancer. They can also help prevent other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. You might also consider keeping a nutrition journal to monitor your daily or weekly progress. It does not have to be boring either. Making a small bet with a friend about keeping a regular calorie count can make your routine more fun.

Exercise Regularly

There is strong medical research that indicates that exercise can help prevent breast cancer. According to numerous studies, moderate exercise can reduce your risk by as much as 30% and in some people, even more. Some scientists believe that high levels of estrogen can lead to breast cancer and exercise can reduce the odds of this happening. In fact, some medical professionals believe that exercise can be more effective in fighting this illness than traditional medicine. Exercise is free, so why not try it? Also, it does not take much exercise for it to benefit your body. Generally, all you need to do is exercise 3-4 days a week for about 30 minutes. Some people choose to do more, but this is all you need to feel the positive effects. Caution: Before you begin an exercise routine, talk to your doctor or physician. Make sure that you are healthy enough to start this physical regimen. You want to make sure that you do not have any serious medical conditions.

Know Your Family History

It is very important to know your family history of breast cancer, especially for women over the age of 50. Women can begin to contract this disease beginning in their thirties, but as they get older, the risk increases. If some of your relatives have had this cancer, then your risk is higher than normal. If you are an African-American woman, this is even more important. For some reason, black women have a greater chance of contracting this cancer than white women. Scientists are doing research on this disturbing trend to find out why. 

Get Regular Screenings

This is probably the most effective weapon in preventing breast cancer. Regular screenings can  detect this disease early when it is very treatable. You should get one every year and if you have a family history of this cancer, twice a year is strongly recommended. Breast self-examinations can also help, although there is some debate in the medical community on its effectiveness. Still, using this procedure cannot hurt and could help save your life. A mammogram is the most well known breast cancer examination, and your doctor can suggest other exams. You should not be shy about asking your doctor about new treatments or medications that are available. 

Practicing good diet and nutrition habits can reduce your risk of breast cancer. A steady diet of fruits and vegetables can help your body maintain healthy breast cells. Regular exercise can be more effective than traditional medicine and promotes good health. Knowing your family history is important because it can give you a head start on preventing this illness. Getting regular screenings is perhaps the best weapon in fighting this cancer. It can detect the cancer in its early stage, making it easier to treat. If you do these four things, they can help you reduce your risk of breast cancer. 

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